WSSF – Ripzone Snowboard Invitational The Ripzone Snowboarding Invitational took over Whistler on the weekend with Saturday evening’s Big Air and Sunday’s Superpipe and SuperHit competitions. Once again the weather decided not to co-operate on Saturday but once the rain stopped and The New Deal pumped up the crowd the finals and super finals went off. Conditions on the big air jump were sketchy at best with the landing not looking much better but the riders managed to step it up with cab 1080’s, smooth 720’s and 900’s. The finals featured an all-Canadian trio of Mike Page, Daniel Migneault, and Jesse Fox. Fox jumped first and summed up his final jump well by saying “This is the most money I’ve ever made for falling�. Mike page was up next and stuck his super smooth 900. Quebec’s Daniel Migneault was last to jump, he threw a cab 1080 but touched down on the landing, handing the victory to Page. Big Air Results 1. Mike Page 2. Daniel Migneault 3. Jesse Fox Stay tuned for the Superpipe Results. With just under a week to go until the World Skiing Invitational, there are still lots of worthwhile events going on in town and the snow is continuing to fall on the mountain. All of the Exposure Multimedia Photography and Film events take place at the Whistler Conference Centre and run all week long with the Pro Photographer Showdown set for Thursday night at 9pm. Check out Big Sugar on Monday from 3pm-6pm playing on the mainstage. That’s all for now from Whistler, enjoy the festival!