The Frequency of our lives finds distortion, through the glorification of what's not in harmony. Rich. Money. Profits. Control. Power. These are taking priority over people and the environment.

The Vibration of our world is in distortion, through the ill-directed management of our finite resources and information. Water. Energy. Food. Technology. Education.

The Vacuum of our souls is in distortion, the disintegration of our morals, world ethics. Community. Giving. Sharing. Listening.

The Energy of all we know on earth is in peril at the moment, through global compartmental disconnection, world corporations & banks distilling global citizens quality of life for profit & debt.

The Destruction of the very cell that provides life, planet earth, is being polluted via non-sustainable practices. The harnessing of Earths giving ability is not in harmony.



Flower Nature

Sacred Geometry


Collective Consciousness

Yet we laugh. We feel good. We adventure. Explore. Invent. Research. Play. Thrive.

Yet nature dominates. The wind blows. Bears sleep. Mosquitoes multiply. Earthquakes shake. Tornadoes multiply. Volcanoes restless.

Yet the sacred Geometric galactic architecture is the trump card to this made up so-called society we all obey. The real ruling powers that be, metatron's cube, tree of life, torus, vector equilibrium, tetrahedron, I ching, etc., are in accordance with nature's governor. Although Education, infrastructure, media, science, economics, justice, environment, etc.... are in the hands of the banks/corporations, it is not in balance with the universe. This is not ignored.

Yet we innovate. We are creating free energies every day, even though these researchers are being suppressed, it will prevail and free energy will change the world.

Yet the world consciousness is awake. We, as a global society, may be numbed; our collective consciousness is very alert to what is happening. We are smarter than this. We will not take it for much longer. The world's elite, the 200 trillion dollar gross earnings a year, energy sector, cannot govern our conscious. They may have grabbed the harness on the world's energy for the past 150 years, but it will not last.







See that we will activate. We will wake up. The corrupt allocation of wealth will pop.

See that we will pursue spiritualism as real, not the western influenced discredited state. Our brains will become sharper. We will share with one another. We will realize our connected nature. We will live as a global species in accordance to nature's equilibrium.

See that Resources will be harnessed in a sustainable way through local region enriching practices, free power to circumnavigate the globe when local resources are not enough and global trade, support, infrastructure is needed.

See that Massive cities are scabs on the cell of planet of earth. Massive concrete cities must be shed. Not in a way to erase large populated zones, but to recreate the cities to not dominate nature, to exist with it.

See that Human beings will be liberated.







Embody the solution. Solution is to be critical of your surroundings, to be appreciative of your surroundings.

Embody the idea that challenging yourself, your neighbor, your government, your abilities, your ideas, your well-being will benefit, your neighbors well-being will benefit, the world will benefit. Remember, the collective consciousness is paying attention. All the time. Challenge yourself. Challenge and ask for explanations.

Be. Just that. Try it.

Think. From more perspectives than just your own.

Love. We are all loved. Bath in this fact. Share this. Emit love. Unconditional love. It is everywhere.


Believe in the infinite possibilities of an infinite amount of comprehension levels.


You are loved. You are life. Every particle in existence, in our limited ability to comprehend, we understand the universe to be 14 billions years old, each and every particle is charged with love, life, and consciousness. Always and forever, we all are. Root this fundamental awareness in your being, in your thinking.

We are love. We are life.