StartFragmentThe storms began rolling into Central Oregon onNovember 3 and we were right on top of things. We headed up to the mountainwith Seth Roberts to try to get some shots. Our expectations were definitelylow if even existent, but we did end up finding a fun down log to session...

Seth Roberts sessioning the down log at thebeginning of an early october storm
Seth Roberts getting the Front Lip Indy slide?Seth decided to take one last shot at the log, andhis last ended up being the last hit of his early season (he will be back bythe beginning of the year)...
Seth catching his front edge and flying face firstto the ground.
Although Seth got hurt, he gave us a smile to showhe was okay :)Seth's injury ended our first day of filming, butit did not slow us down from filming in the early season. With much much muchmore snow to come we headed up the next day.
Yupp it really did snow a lot. With 2-3 feet of newsnow we were stoked!!!I went up there with new Moment Skier Dan Bruton,his brother Derek, and Blake Geis. On our way hiking to a spot that Norkunastold us about we ran into Tim Durtschi and some other fellas already filmingwhat we planned to film on. So we hiked a little further and came across alittle neat feature. Basically a mini wind lip off a little drop. Dan decidedto throw a nice 180 over it on his new Planks (yeah cedrics skis).
New Moment team member Dan Bruton loving his newMoments.
Lucas Wachs came up and joined us for some powriding :).After a couple more days of hitting various otherfeatures and some other days of rain (not all the snow melted) we came acrossthis unique tree stall feature.
Jared shaping the lip.
Jared Getting his misty 5 hand plant.
Colin Clarke Tail Stallin
Taylor Garbutt definitely put the most time intothis feature and trying to boost as high as possible.I decided to make things interesting and started aMcChicken contest. I was going to give away a McChicken to the first rider tomake it to the top of the tree bark. Colin, Jared, and Taylor all tried. Taylorgot the closest but fell awkwardly on his attempt to get to the top...
On a lighter note we got some good sunset shots!
Sun between the trees...While we were getting work done in oregon so werethe Utah kids.Evan and his crew decided to hit the streets ofsalt lake for some early season jibbing and bomb dropping done...
LJ Strenio Bomb dropping...
LJ Again..After several exciting days of filming variousfeatures the rain rolled in and whiped out pretty much all of the snow at themountain :(. We were certainly excited for the first snow and now we are justwaiting for anywhere to get some snowfall to get out and get some more filmingand urban done. Stay tuned for multiple updates and video blogs throughout theentire winter.Also dont forget to check out our movie,Overlooked, for only 15 dollars at!Peace out all!!BentleyPhotos: Cameron Fair, Bentley Atteberry, GeorgeTuttle, Evan HeathEndFragment

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