As we all know, WCS is done forever. Over the next few weeks, content will be rolling out, and skiers will be able to experience the final offer via edits and more. I was lucky enough to be I handling social media during the event- giving me several opportunities to see exactly how events like this are put on. Be sure to check out the Team Edits that are starting to come out, the first one was dropped today!

Day Zero:

Timberline closed all upper lifts due to high winds, meaning there was one sticky, slow lift spinning. This forced Public Day to the end of the week. Some boys took it upon themselves to build a booster off a run. Others took to Gypsy Island to build pump tracks and get some skiing in. However, most athletes stayed at Windell’s and skated.

Later in the day The Opening Ceremony was held, with a dedication of the event to Heffy. The Team Edit Contest was announced, causing quite some hype. There’s not too much work to do on a slow day like this, instead you prep for tomorrow and hope for the best. Everyone had already been checked in, and people were already in their own cabins. (shoutout to Syrup Sipperz for being the best roomies) Vanchella also went down, and that was definitely something to experience.

Day One:

The second day was technically the first day, due to weather. Day one was the sunset jump. The morning started with breakfast, handing out tickets, and informing everyone of the daily offer- Big Jump @ 3:00. My day consisted of following skier around, trying to get Instagram shots, and harassing photocopiers for pictures. As the day winded down we headed to the big jump. This year’s jump was 85 feet, with ample air time.

The weather was not providing. There was still some wind, and dark cloud were forming as the sunset shoot approached. Spirits remind high though, with a mini booster being built during the BBQ break. After food was provided, the cat went up again, and the sunset shoot began. There was a limited 15 minute time period when the wether was good. Big jump got shut down after it was decided to be too risky. The night ended with the most ridiculous moves from Goepper and Manley- skiing down the backside of the wedge, into the sunset.

When we returned to Windell’s from Timberline it was go time for updates and Press Releases. This work went well into the early morning, with a PR sent out at 1:00 AM.

Day Two:

Day two started with speed.The park was fast making the Spraypaint jumps hittable. The Daily Offer started off being the Spraypaint jumps at 10:00, then quickly moved to being The Big Jump at 11:30. With three hours to lap Stormin Normin before the Daily Offer, skiers were lapping the jumps and rails. Several continued to do so even when the slightly trimmed down big jump was opened up, offering many opportunities to get grabs for the hashtag challenge #WCSgrab. This went until roughly 4:30, well past what anyone had expected.

The forecast had called for rain, that came and left quickly in the afternoon. By the time everyone got back to Windell’s spirits had lifted and WCS10 was fully underway.

Day Three:

Same deal, wake up for breakfast, hand out tickets, head up to the hill. Making the strike over to Storming Norman was easily the worst part of the day. I’d wait about an hour at the bottom of the lift, and hand out tickets to those who missed them at breakfast. The daily offer was the DFD-S, cash was provided from Wizard Wax to the first skier to make it. For roughly three hours the sun came out, allowing morning hot laps to happen. Eventually the rain arrived, shutting down the day’s action in the early afternoon. Skiers scrambled to make it down the hill and back to Windell’s amidst dense thunder clouds. It was pouring, I got locked out of my car, and it didn’t let up until we were nearly back to campus.

Day Four:

Day 4 was a celebration of all things guacamole. The Guac Bowl, a backcountry setup built by Team Local, was the afternoon’s special offering. As the fog rolled in and out, skiers lapped the park all day, then headed over to the Guac Bowl around 2:00pm. The Guac Bowl was a step up/berm wall jump built into the side of a canyon-wall cornice. The hashtag of the day was #wcscork, and there were several solid cork offers in the Guac Bowl. The session went until 6:00 – enough time for people to get the tricks they wanted down.

Post Guac Bowl, there was a guac contest at Windell’s with a bacon guacamole taking home the prestigious avocado shirt. Every night was different, guac contests, campfires, and skating into the dark.

Day Five:

The end of an era: WCS ended on Friday, May 6 with Public Day, a time to shred with the pros and stuff your face with hot dogs. The original Public Day was supposed to be on Monday, but inclement weather pushed it to the end of the week. Thankfully the sky was clear on Friday, and the rescheduled Public Day went down in fine fashion.

Hillcrest Sports was at the top of Stormin Norman, slanging out free hot dogs. As the day went on, the final offer was prepared. The final offer went down close to 2:30pm as skiers tried their luck smashing Frank, the traditional WCS snowman piñata. After one or two hits, Frank was broken open, spilling goodies from WCS, Treefort Lifestyles, Buff and more.

When the slopes were cleared, WCS10 Closing Ceremonies were held at Windell’s Camp. Working the projector for this was possibly the most difficult part of the entire session for me. My hard drive filed, Ethan’s computer didn’t have the content on it, and mine didn’t want to display pictures correctly. Despite the issues, the ceremony went on near flawlessly. They started out with thanking everyone for being a part of it, inviting groups of people to come up based upon how many years they’d been attending WCS. There was a Skype session, with those who couldn’t make it. The photographers showed off their contest entries, thanks to Jamie for helping make it happen, and then the Instagram Contest Winners were announced:

#WCS180: Mike King - 180 taipan tweak

#WCSgrab: Maks Gorham - 360 cuban

#WCSgrind: Charlie Lasser - 270 out of the DFD-S

#WCScork: Stainus

#WCS10: Reed Lewis - Double front flip Superman

Along with the WCS10 Award Winners:

Rookie Presented by PICTURE: Corey Jackson (Runner-up: Ethan Swadburg)

King Meat: Reed Lewis (Runner-up: Dean Bercovitch)

All Day Syndrome: Max Moffatt

Repeat Offender: Pako Benguerel

The Worm: Evan Lai-Hipp (Runner-up: Blaine)

Best Trick: Colby Stevenson — triple cork 1440 / 270 on, front swap, pretzel 450 on the DFD-S

MVP: Colby Stevenson

WCS10 was wicked awesome, and WCS will be missed. Thank to Brandon and Ethan for putting it on for the past ten years. You dudes rule.