The West Coast Session returns to Mt. Hood on May 5-8, 2010 for a 4th year of friends, fun and skiing, Oregon style.

What does this mean? For many of you it means enjoying free, full online coverage of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive park event right here on Newschoolers.

For local skiers and die-hard road-trippers, it means getting yourself to Timberline on May 8 to ride the PNW’s best spring park with the Amplid team and friends.

Stay tuned for updates...


McRae Williams

Alex Martini

Steve Stepp

Kyler Cooley

Collin Collins

Will Berman

Ben Moxham

Tyler Barnes

Jeff Kiesel

Mike Hornbeck

Adam Battersby

Sean Jordan

Witt Foster

Tosh Peters

Max Peters

Tim McChesney

Brady Perron

Corey Vanular

Garrett Russell

Nick Miles

LJ Strenio

Dylan Ferguson

John Kutcher

Shea Flynn

JP Solberg


Ethan Stone

Rocky Maloney

Drew Smalley

Hennie VJ

Paul Braunstein