The memories of the West Coast Session will not be soon forgotten, even though some may already be blurry from nighttime activities. Year after year, we search for the words to capture the essence of the WCS. Words like "vibes" and "camaraderie" come to mind, so do others like "ridiculousness" and "guacamole," yet even the noble avocado falls short in encapsulating the gathering that has been cultivated over 10 years by the skiing community and event organizers Ethan Stone and Brandon Pastucka.

This year brought the largest group ever to the West Coast Session, with the invited and the uninvited enveloping Timberline and Windells. Heffy provided some great weather all week long, keeping the forecasted rain away for all but a soaking wet half hour. The skiing was exceptional as always, with many notable moments, triples were thrown and immaculate style was on display, but the edits will tell those stories.

The more important story is that of the event itself, and the way that it has been able to bring together this motley bunch of skiers from around the world each year at the beginning of May. As local hills close, these skiers turn their sights towards Mount Hood, with the promise of spring slush and good friends. As the only skier to attend each year, Steve Stepp said it best, the West Coast Session is the best event in skiing, period. The final iteration of the event has only reinforced this statement, with the largest gathering of skiers in the events 10 year history, turning the Windells parking lot into a trailer park and Timberline's parks into one big party.

From an all-time park, to the guacamole cook-off, this year provided many clean offers. Rookies and young guns, like Dylan Sondrup and Colby Stevenson showed that they will be ones to keep an eye on while veterans like Max Gorham and Nicky Keefer brought the style we all know and love. This years park featured a multiple jump lines, a rhythm section full of unique hits, an assortment of rails including the DFD to S, and the big private jump.

The closing ceremonies wrapped up what has been an amazing 10 years for the West Coast Session, by paying homage to the personalities and moments that have made the event so special. It is the energy created by this combination of personalities, and their massive spring-time migration, that create the indescribable sense of friendship, good vibes and great times that we've come to enjoy over the years. While the event itself will be missed the memories will be cherished and the energy will undoubtedly live on.

The team edit contest returned this year, so keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming weeks for what will be a barrage of amazing content from a handfull of great teams.