We here at NS love a good contest sway. It's always good to show what this community can do and as such, we're throwing our weight behind Gus Kenworthy to win Best Male Action Sports Athlete at the ESPYs. It's fair to say Gus has his share of haters here but the case to vote for him is cast iron. He's an OG NSer, a major character in our story and without question one of our most successful members. From his selection as one of three members of Team Newschoolers at JOSS to his memorable beef with our very own Content Director eheath, he's been a massive part of the community for a long time. His style might not be your, or for that matter my, personal favorite and he might photoshop the odd photo... But he is without question one of, if not the, most talented park skiers on the planet and has been since he first blew minds with his edits filmed at Telluride back in the day. Vote Gus. Vote Skiing.