Our first Winter Dew Tour season in the books and that goes hand in hand with the Ball Park Alpha Dawgs award program!

The Ball Park Alpha Dawgs Award will be given to the top three vote getters among eligible athletes. Each award winner will take home $5,000! Who are these athletes? Anyone who is 18 or under, has been a pro less than two years, and competed at all three stops of the Winter Dew Tour. The list is below and voting takes place at http://www.allisports.com/ballparkalphadawgs

Eligible Athletes:

Duncan Adams

Colby Albino

Ross Baker

Elizabeth Beerman

Greg Bretz

Bobby Brown

Matt Duhamel

Brett Esser

Sean Jordan

Gus Kenworthy

Marshall LaCroix

Nick Martini

Tucker Perkins

Evan Schwartz

Taylor Seaton

Byron Wells

Walter Wood

Voting ends on March 18th so head on over to http://www.allisports.com/ballparkalphadawgs and vote for your favorite athlete now!