this is a rant warning warning

Dear Fellow Teenagers,

Alright, so what the hell happend with people and leaving voicemail messages after they call your phone, instead of leaving a voicemail they decide to take the "let me call him 5 more times in a row" route... and then after you see this person called you 5 times and you missed the call, their call id is either blocked or its a phone number you don't know.

tell me what happend to vocal communication and our fear to talk to people on the phone let alone their voicemail box. some people also choose this route, see that your online and have a away message on like "im in boston for the next 4 days call me" and my cell number is in the message then i come home and see my computer, and you get the lone IM that says "tried to call you, called you once dint pick up" followed by the next days "call me back i dont know where you are" please people, leave a voicemail message, and be sure to leave your name in the message, Im sorry folks but sometimes im not the best at understanding voices but "hey its me, call me back, on my cell" with no name, and no number how am i supposed to know this.

I ask everyone next time your bud doesnt pick up his phone to leave a voicemail the first time, dont call him 5 more times then give up.