StartFragmentToday, I am going to give you the written tour of the RAGEexpedition through French Canadia, yes I mean QUEBEC. On December 13, I beganmy journey up to the east side of my mother land. My first “red-eye” flightever left at 11:59 pm and connected in JFK at 6:30 am. Perrfect! I thought,I’ll get 6 and a half hours of sleep, that’s more then enough. Being completelyoblivious to the 2 hour time change, our fast flight arrived at 6:00 AM, but myballer ass Skullcandy Bully watch read 4:00 AM. That sucked. In fear of missingmy 9:30 AM flight to Montreal, I stayed awake and watched movies on mycomputer. Finally my late flight leaves and I arrive in Montreal….about 7 hoursbefore anyone else. Then I decide to kill some time, give Mr.Bishop himself acall and head to the NS Command Center.

Doug gets the action shot of me settling into his mobile vehicle.

We kick it for a bit, I vandalize therewalls...

Apricot beer, tastes good, just don't tell anyone you drank it!

...then head back to the aeroport to meet up with the always beautifulTaylor Felton...

One of Tay's better days...

i mean Ashley Battersby…

I don't know why but no matter how many times I rotate this picture, it always shows up on this update like this. (Now fixed)

the newcoming skier MikeMertion,and new coming filmer AJ De Saint Phelle, who contrary to his lastname, doesn’t speak a word of French…except for CE BON. Which was popular onthe voyage. Anywho…I jump in Taylors sister's jeep, aka the lipstickmobile…guess what color it is. And Ash and mertion jump in our purple rentalminiature van. For about 2 hours, Tay and I duscuss the terribility of the skiindustry (buy more shit! And yes I think I made up the word terribility…prettydope though right?) Then we arrive at the Trois Rivieres Gays Inn….whichfucking sucks…Rook dawg Mersh (mertion picked up like 50 nicknames on the trip,if I say something that starts with an M and doesn’t quite fit, it meansMertion) stays on the floor, and we get some rest for the upcoming morning, wewill meet with the one and only Cedric Tremblay-Fournier.

This picture is sideways too! But Mertion is on the flooor.


Hooray! Morning….there is an assload of snow here, and todaywe are heading to Quebec City to see all the rails of Ced’s hometown.Eventually we end up at this decent sized down-rail in a park….not huge, butnot overly small, and Cedric, Merchy, and A-Bomb all give it a go, sessioningit for a little bit, while Taylor scopes out a BIG ASSS drop on the wallopposing the rail. He eventually drops into some decent pow and some dude on asnowmobile with POLICE written on the side rolls. We exchange waves and he’sgone….pretty dope! After this, we hit quiznos, and Cedrika, shows us a fewother things, but before we hit anything, we decide to find a cheap motel thatwe can dump our shit at. We arrive at Motel Maxim in the center of the motel ghettoand are nervous to roll into the room, but actually find 2 queen sized beds anda futon. Fucking sweet! No one sleeps on the floor, and theres a shitload ofroom! We even have wireless internet. Which leads us all into Super TextTwist frenzy!

Taylor demonstrates why it's called SUPER Text Twist...

Whenever we arenot doing something for the movie(look at rails, it rails etc) we are allconstantly playing TextTwist. This game is HARD and it is good for yourvocabulary as well! So Sick!We unload all our shit and then we then proceed tohead into the non ghetto of Quebec city and find a rail to hit…we stop at a gasstation and end up running into famed photographer Eric Seo, who is on a girlstrip with Kim Lamarre, Tori Beattie, and Jen Crichton. They tell us that theyjust finished up with a dub kink and that its sick. So we head over! The dubkink is supppper sick….pretty mellow, nice couple foot donkey dick on the end.Super stoked to hit it. We hit it for a while, but we are using a drop in rampthat AJ had built once landing, that fits in the minivan…I am super impressedby it, but its not quite giving me the speed I want for my tricks. In the end,A-bomb, and I end up getting a shot each, but we decide we should comeback andget some redemption. So, we bail for the night and get some shut eye.

The next day is a cluster fuck of snow, wind, and shit…soafter we drive around, smash a rim up, push Barney the van up a few hills, andget stuck numerous times, we are forced to rest up for the day. But during theevening, the ever motivated Tay Tay Feltor acts on one of his ideas to build aQP/Stall in the parking lot of Motel Maxim. He cuts out this dope looking QPwith a picnic table on top and while testing speed, the van drives up the qpand gets stuck. Not so dope. Then we bring in the lipstick mobile, I push Taylorin a few times, not enough speed, then I push Merk in with copius amounts ofspeed and he stalls! And the lipstick mobile will not stop… it slides into theclose inrun and mertion is riding switch directly into it..but at the lastsecond looks over his shoulder and see me but just barely clips it and fallsover. He’s fine, btu a lesson is to be learned! Don’t always pull a Hornbeckand ride away switch looking up hill with your hands a your sides claiming nomovement. YOU COULD HIT SOMETHING! Anywho…we got kicked out so we slept.

The next exhausting morning we head out and decide to set upa down flat ledge (no not big red…shits played!)…we straight killll this ledge,grab a few bangers and peace we’re out. Head back to Maxim and grab some grubat Normandin, or Tim Hortons, I can’t remember but it was definitely one of thetwo because those are the only places we ate that entire trip. Then thatevening we decide to get some redemption on the dopest double kink….killlll it,everyone gets shots that night. Numerous unheard of bangers get pumped into theP2 Card and after a longgggggg night, we head back. The best urban skiing Ithink we have all done si achieved that night and we are all fucking BEAT.Including one of Taylor’s skis, who ended up breaking himself (the ski) causingTaylor to head back to the Maxim to grab his back up. But being talented as heis, he gets his shot before I do…..bastard. haha Anyway, this rail has beenslayed, now to bed.

Pre-session Normandin


New day, different rails…. The end is nearing, and we arealmost running out of rails! Who knew…these days get pretty boring so I’ll justskip the shit and give you the goods. One night Tay and the QP crew find a snowbank and begin building. Cop rolls up and asks if we are going to sue theproperty owner if someone gets hurt, we say no, and they say alright! Spin afew donuts in the parking lot and peace….sweet. Then there back…oh shit theyrealized what they did wrong…roll down the window and “WE FOUND A WAY BIGGERSNOWBANK JUST DOWN THE ROAD!” We take the cops advice and head to the perfectsnow bank, cut a qp, place a partial drop-in ramp on the top, and wa-la. A fewshots are sprouted, including photos by Seo! More shots!

Super warm in Quebec

The following day wehit a multi kink I think. Tay steals the show, so noone else this it haha. Hegets his shot quick and we’re done. The next day I think was prettyuneventful…but I think tay dropped numerous bomb drops, and then he continuedto leave that evening I think…or maybe the next morning. I forget, but anyways,we end up finding this dope ass area in an underpass. Theres a few possiblewall rides we think, but after working on one for a while…there is no way itcan work, although ti would have been one of the sicker photos fo the year, thespeed is just not there. So we putz around and I decide I can drop this one rock face….whiplash in the making, I end up getting a few photos and somepossible video shots…that night we head to Trois Rivieres and mmet up withCedric again! YAY! We are really hunting for a wallride this day but we can’tget the shit crackin, theres too much snow for all Ced’s ideas. So we end uphitting this pretty small downrail but after the rail is a fence with snowpilled up to it….Merchandise goes to fucking TOWN on this thing, we’re talkingfronties, backies, flat 3s, flat 5s, 5 noses, like what the fuck! I end updoing a tame-dog(for the unfamiliar, a front) side by side with Merch’s backie,while ced follows and brings deathto a 7, and on one train occasion ash spreads and screams for her life….we ALLfall to our faces in laughter. Great times.

Down rail. Bet you can't guess the trick!

That night Ced, Merchandizzle andmyself all session a few fence tap, one, I can’t get enough speed for so I endup locking into the top of the fence and sliding it like a rail…inevitablyfalling 5 feet to my dome. The other, still nto slaying it, eating itconstantly, but Ced owns it with a dope ass trick….and this brings closure toour ski portion of the trip! We head over to Ced's palace for a few beers. Then we leave, get hit by a car in the middle of an intersection and the wrong-doer ditches! We get hit and run! Then the next morning Mertion, Ash, and I all get our rides to the of my boots is missing, that fucking sucks! Mertion has to spend the night in the airport, only to wake up at 5 in the morning haha. Once I get home, I have an appendectomy. But all in all, the trip was fanfuckingtastic, and I think some of the best ruban shots of the year were produced in it. So I hope you all enjoyed this update, but I can;t give away too much'll just have to see what happens in the movie. Thanks, and I'll see you fools in the pow...i just bought a new sled today :)

Me-tame-dog. Mertion- Backie. Win win.