You know, it's not easy getting these product shots. All of the skis pictured are actually kept in a secret underground lair two hundred feet below the Mandalay Bay convention center in Las Vegas, where all of the normal bullshit is on display. This place is more protected than that vault that George Clooney and Brad Pitt broke into, but with the help of technological genius NoPoles, the cunning wiles of Mr.Bishop, the uncanny authorship of kamikaze, the leadership of cko, a grappling hook, and two Polish sausages, we succeeded in eluding the security system and escaping with these pictures. It was close though- the Steele Spence defense robot almost gunned me down before I disarmed him with Colorado cookies. But Armada's defenses of Boyd Easley's canned beer farts got the better of me, and I had to run for it. Sorry.

Anyway, I risked my life for this shit, so enjoy.