By Jeff Thomas

The action sports festival and msuic shows couldn't have worked out better. Not only were they held in beautiful Britsh Columbia, but the weather was perfect blue bird all weekend. The gate opened at 3 o'clock friday for the beginning of the festival. First on the agenda was a bit of bmx street styles with the winner grabbing $1000 cdn for best trick. Next it was off to the beer garden, I mean the Quarterpipe for some practice and pre-qualifiers. The quarter pipe was pretty decent but disintagrated quickly.

Qualifiying for the semis Was Mark Abma who placed first with gigantic flat 5s. To top out the list were Rex Thomas, Mauro Nunez, Andy Woods, Jordan Monk, and Myles Ricketts. Saturday started off just like friday, with beautiful blue sky and sun pearing through the mountains. Jumping began at 1:15 and from there such tricks as flat 5, flares, flat 7s, corks and more were thrown down. Qualifying for super finals were Mauro nunez, Rex Thomas and Andy woods.

Rex, like the week before, was unbeatable stomping flat 5 mutes and flat 7s perfectly to his feet. Rex Placed 1st, Mauro 2nd and Andy Woods 3rd. Once the skiers and boarders had their breaks, it was off to the pipe for one last best trick competition, where Jon kozody ruled it up with a cork 9. Joing him with the title was pro snowbaorders Kevin Sansalone and (Unknown) rider doing the over under mctwist and handplants.

Saturday night brough Swollen Members to the stage playing new and unheard songs. Playing next was Pennywise where a large painful mosh pit took. Rumors say it was quite a rough place, even the band said Vancouver hasn't seen a mosh pit since the early 90s when Suicidal Tendecies last played.

But all in all the weekend was a good time with lots of drinking and jumping.

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