After a class action lawsuit was brought forward the other week, Vail has announced that they have a "comprehensive plan" to address pass holders’ concerns about last season’s closures – and provide them with peace of mind for the future."

Kirsten Lynch, the EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Vail, sent out an email this morning detailing what they will be doing for 2019/2020 season passholders:

TL;DR version:

- Credits of at least 20%, up to 80%, if the pass holder wasn't able to use their pass at all.

- Free 'Epic Coverage' for 2020/2021 season that will provide cash refunds to pass holders for certain resort closures, including for events like COVID-19, as well as refunds for job loss, illness and other eligible personal events.

- All spring deadlines to buy passes are extended until Labor Day so people have more time when they need it most.


Full press release from Vail Resorts:

To Address Last Season:

Credits from 20% to 80% for Season Pass Holders

We are providing credits to 2019-20 season pass holders, based on the price of their pass, to apply toward the purchase of a 2020-21 season pass of equal or greater value:

- A minimum credit of 20% for season pass holders, based on the resort closures in mid-March impacting about 20% of the core season

- Higher credits for season pass holders who used their pass less than five days

- A maximum credit of 80% if you did not use your season pass at all, because we recognize that some of you were waiting until spring to use your pass

Credits for Epic Day Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card and Multi-Pack Pass Holders

- For guests with remaining days on their 2019-20 Epic Day Pass, Edge Card or one of our other multi-pack pass products, we are providing a credit for each unused day, up to 80% of the price paid for your pass to apply toward a pass of equal or greater value for next season.

- Your credit will be valid through Labor Day (Sept. 7, 2020) because we understand that you may need time to decide on your plans for next season.

- This may seem complicated, but something simple would not address all the unique situations of our pass holders. We will email you personally in the coming weeks to share your specific credit details and your promotion code, which you can use online starting May 13. If you renew your pass prior to receiving your promotion code, we will retroactively provide the credit value back to you. In the meantime, you can click here to use the tables to find your pass credit, see our FAQs, and review the terms and conditions.

Looking Ahead to the 2020-21 Season:

New ‘Epic Coverage’ Protects You Next Season

We are confident we will be enjoying a great upcoming ski and ride season, but we also understand that many pass holders are nervous about the future given the current uncertainty. With this in mind, we are launching ‘Epic Coverage’:

- Epic Coverage is free for all pass holders and completely replaces the need to purchase pass insurance, which can cost up to $60 for other passes.

- Epic Coverage provides for a refund if you have an eligible injury, job loss, or experience other personal events that prevent you from using your pass.

- Epic Coverage also provides a refund for certain resort closures, including for events like COVID-19, giving you a refund for any portion of the season that is lost.

We understand that times have changed so Epic Coverage completely redefines your pass protection. We value your loyalty and we want you to enjoy your pass knowing that we are standing behind our commitment to your peace of mind. Click here to learn more about Epic Coverage, see our FAQs and review the terms and conditions.

Savings All Season Long

In March, we announced our new Epic Mountain Rewards, providing pass holders 20% off all mountain food & beverage, owned and operated lodging, group ski and ride lessons, equipment rentals and more at our North American resorts. No sign up. No points tracking. No blackout days. Just savings. Learn more about Epic Mountain Rewards here.

The Time You Need:

Spring Deadlines Extended to Labor Day

We do not want to rush your decision. We are eliminating our traditional spring purchase deadlines, giving you through Labor Day (Sept. 7, 2020) to use your credit and to lock in 10 Buddy Tickets for next season. If uncertainty continues, we may reassess that deadline again as it gets closer.

Lowest Up-Front Cost

If you want to lock in your pass, we want to provide you the lowest up-front cost during this challenging time. Right now the deposit for your pass for next season is only $49, significantly less than the deposit many other passes require. This offer will extend for the next few months.