Just like that, another sure to be classic winter in the Wasatch has begun. And boy did it start off nicely. All it took was one storm cycle to put down a blanket of snow so deep that it allowed us to go wherever we chose. Jim Harris and I chose to ski the north chute off the summit of mount superior for our first run of the 2010/11 season.

^ Like most of my favorite runs in utah, this one began with a steep skin track.

^ the skin track ended on the summit of Mt. Superior. I wasn't anticipating skiing off any big peaks in october, but when nature calls, one must go.

^ The last of the storm makes its way up and out of little cottonwood canyon.

^ Jim happily makes the first turns of the year down this wasatch classic

^ Cardiac Bowl on Oct 27. shhhhwiiiing!

^ nice little playground for the day

^ A skier on High Ivory smokes a fat bowl of wasatch ice

and for some HD video documentation....      http://vimeo.com/16293201