Ok, so I made the followcam video into Divx format.   It's 90mb, so once again we're trying the torrent thing.  http://media.nscdn.com/uploads/content/Masters06/Masters_2006_Followcam.divx.torrentAlso, if anyone has video that is much better than ours, please submit it and we'll post it up!I guess people didn't really read the articles we were writing... or the comments we made afterwards.   The other video for download was NOT THE ONLY ONE.   We are smart enough to know that an edited video with highlights and clips is necessary.    We were trying to get you guys the ability to if you wanted watch the entire competition.   That would be what NSTV would look like, if we could make the missing link to get teh feed live.  However, with the overwhelmingly negative response, I don't think we're going to try that again.  SO without further ado... download this video of followcams of the entire event.   I spent the whole day skiing behind all the athletes and getting as good shots as possible.   I think that I could have kept a little closer, but I was a bit timid of screwing up their runs.    Some of the shots are good, some not as god, but you get a great view of the action.  DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO