The time is finally upon us. A legend, a freeskiing icon and not to mention one of the illest gangsta skiers on the mountain might finally be making the comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

After a two year hiatus from the slopes, Simon Dumont was found in Utah shredding around on skis. The X Games medalist was spotted styling the jump line at Park City wearing none other than his OG Slumdog Illionaire kit. The blocky red and white color scheme was unmistakable for anyone watching and, of course, led to plenty of stoked skiers and photo opportunities.

Video by Mat West

What could this mean for the future? Back in 2017 Dumont stated, “Just watched a few old ski segments. Made me miss skiing. Filming was always my favorite part. Maybe a comeback segment?” which begs the question - could this be the beginning of Slumdog Illionaire Part 2 (3?) for Dumont?

Whether Dumont decides to make a comeback segment or not, for those who were at Park City today, it was probably exceptionally cool to see such a legend back out on the slopes. Major shoutout to Dumont for making a reappearance back in the ski world, even if the throwback was only short-lived.