Looking for an opportunity to win cash prizes or a season pass? Read on.

Beginning in mid-March 2017, Integral Management will be sponsoring a series of online competitions, evaluating entrants based on a media submission and passion for actions sports through socioeconomic adversity. Anyone is welcome to enter, and winners will be announced sometime in April.

So far, we only have cash prizes and one season pass to offer, but I've reached out to resorts across the US and am hopeful more will come on board by donating a pass. When the applications come online in mid-March, you'll have the opportunity to convey your interest in action sports through writing and a media submission. If you send us a really well-produced season edit, that's cool. But it'd also be awesome if you sent a few photos or just some video clips. Anything is great; we're far more interested in understanding your motivation for action sports and how you have pursued this ambition in spite of difficulty. Tell a story about yourself and why action sports are an important part of it.

Current Prizes

Open Category - 3 $100 cash awards

Regardless of where you live, you're eligible to enter a competition for one of three cash prizes.

Presented by Seven Springs Mountain Resort - 1 Highlands Season Pass (2017-2018) - Must live within driving distance to Seven Springs

Seven Springs is a four-seasons mountain resort located in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Boasting over 30 trails and seven progressive terrain parks, Seven Springs is a leader in winter sports on the East Coast. One entrant will be selected to receive a Highlands Season pass, valid for Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, and Laurel Mountain resorts and worth $600.

Additional resorts coming soon!

For more details, check out our website at www.integralmanagement.weebly.com. Integral is stoked to be able to offer this opportunity, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what community members submit. If anyone is interested in helping with the competition, especially by assisting in the review of entries, please let me know.

Thanks for your consideration,


Founder, Integral Management

About Integral

Integral Management was founded as a music management agency in 2013. We supported regional artists by providing marketing, management, and booking services - all at no cost. Since then, we've shifted to our current role: helping action sports athletes in the pursuit of success. We believe that action sports present powerful opportunities for human interaction and progression every day, and that these opportunities should be available to any person committed to his or her sport. To realize that goal, we work to eliminate socioeconomic barriers that too often stand in the way. As a student-run organization, Integral stands out in an industry - and a world - driven by the pursuit of money. We're proud to do everything at no cost, working towards a more equitable future.

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