Every year all the major outdoor and ski magazines publish the same holiday gift lists featuring the latest $800 jacket or the coolest $300 goggles. Not SlopeSource!

I’m all about the everyman. I’m also about being unique and independent, and that’s why I LOVE Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. If you want to stand out, or give a gift that will let someone else express their unique personallity, then Etsy is the place to go. And you can also support cool and independent artists and entrepreneurs in the process.

Here are some great ski-, snowboard- and Colorado-related items that you can get for holiday gifts (there’s still time!):

Ski Pole Hoodie, $40

The hoodie. The staple of any ski or boarder’s wardrobe. Comfy enough to ski in, hit the bars in, and wear to the hot tub. And this hoodie isn’t just comfy, it looks badass. It’s like a skull and crossbones with ski poles. OK, no skull. But crossbone poles.

Snowboard Baby Onesie, $26

For the baby who may not be badass yet, but you know is going to grow up to be.

Reclaimed Skateboard Belt Buckle, $30

This belt buckle has so much street cred it makes Shaun White look like a regular ‘ol tomato, that doesn’t fly at all, like a non-flying tomato. Seriously, you’ve got the colorado state flag, the buckle is hand made in colorado, and what’s it made out of? A skateboard! Cred.

Vintage Ski Lodge Seater Knit Pattern, $2.99

Speaking of homemade, how about you make a little sumthin’ for your loved ones? They’ll be all like, “Oh snap, you made this!?” And you’ll say, “Yes, I sure did.” Then they’ll say, “This is awesome!” And you’ll say, “I know.”

Chairlift T Shirt, $27

Good for skiers and boarders alike (because they both use chairlifts, get it?), you can’t go wrong with this sweet looking T. Not only does it look good, it’s bamboo, eco friendly and organic. If they don’t like how it looks, they can actually eat it (not really).

Skier Beer Can Belt Buckle, $28

Another belt buckle Dave? What the what? Yeah that’s right another belt buckle. You know why? Because it’s awesome. The artwork is cut from a real 1970′s Schmidt beer can. Family, consider this one on my list.



Spooky Panda Hat, $25

Is it cute or scary? I don’t know, but it’s kinda hot. You’re not going to find a hat like this at your local shop. No offense to your local shop, I’m just sayin’.

Abominable Snowman Bumble Monster Hat, $27

Get your retro Christmas movie fix on with the Bumble Monster hat from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. Just like the Bumble Monster, all this hat really wants is a friend. Be that friend.

Knit Slouch Hat, $30

To the cute ski bunny I see wearing this hat the answer is yes, I will marry you. I have to think just about any lady wearing this hat would look awesome.

Crochet Boba Fett Mask, $30

Ever think you’d see those words together? Crochet and Boba Fett? Me neither. There’s probably only a small subset of people in this world who know what both of those things are. Congrats, you’re one. Now get this gift and join the Crochet Rebellion young Jedi.

Ski Patrol Scarf, $18

Do I know why this is called a ski patrol scarf? No. Would it look good covering up my grill? Yes. Would it be more comfortable than skiing with an actual moustache? Absolutely.

Crochet Trucker Hat, $35

Rarely does hipster fashion actually meet function (sure, your skinny jeans are comfy, and why do you need reading glasses without lenses?) but a crochet trucker hat is the perfect marriage of the two.

Adirondack Ski Chair, $200

In a category unto itself, the Adirondack Ski Chair is the quintessential gift for any skier. What else is there to say? Look at it. It’s a chair made of skis. Awesome.

Ski Tip Wine Bottle Holder, $10

Nothing says, “I”m classy, yet sporty” like a ski tip wine bottle holder. The only downside to this beauty is that it’s not compatible with Franzia.

Colorado Bottle Opener with Beer Can, $31

Who doesn’t enjoy a Walter’s Light Colorado Beer made with Pure Rocky Mountain Water? OK, I don’t know anyone. But I do know a bunch of dudes who would dig this bottle opener.

Shot Ski, $55

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have a shot ski. The sweetest things about these ones: they say “Bottoms up!” on the bottom, you can get them customized, and you can get shot ski holders.

Skiing Yeti Digital Painting, £40

Yep, that’s right. This crazy yeti painting costs 40 pounds. It’s an import from England. Any international gift is always appreciated twice as much. It’s like if you give a Coors to someone in Germany… it’s an import.

License Plate on Canvas, $42

If the person you’re going to give this to actually owns a shelf to put it on, they’re probably not the most hardcore of ski bums (those people generally don’t own anything other than skis), but they’ll still love this sweet piece of art.

Keep Calm Print, $24.99

Not gifting to a ski bum, no worries, Etsy’s got the boarders covered too. Boarders and skiers have many ways of calming down, but this poster should work too. This print is customizable in size and color so you can get the perfect one.

Personalized Poster, $12

Only $12 to be immortalized forever! Give the gift of fame and even if your friend or loved one isn’t the best boarder in the world, at least he or she can pretend like it. This would be a pretty sweet conversation piece.

Ski Lift Wall Decal, $34

Know someone who constantly wants to show their dedication to the mountain? Having a giant chairlift decal on their wall should pretty much take care of that. Shiny floor, modern bed, and blue wall not included (I think).

Small Snowboarding Decal, $8

Want to go a little bit more subtle? Give a little bit smaller of a decal. This boarder should be just enough of a reminder. I’m not sure about putting it right behind your computer. I can’t imagine any students in Colorado getting any studying done with this distracting them.

Vinyl Snow Gun Decal, $15

I can picture it now. You give this to your buddy. The cute snowbaorder girl at the coffee shop is checking out his decal and their eyes meet above his screen. They hit the slopes, get married, have some kids, teach them to board, and on and on. Just because you got him this decal.

Baby on Board Snowboard Decal, $12

Speaking of popping out some kids….. Everyone will know there’s a boarder to be in your car with this decal. The advice on the Etsy page is pretty spot on too, here’s a baby shower gift that doesn’t suck.

Beer Angel, $7

“Hey, is that a recycled New Belgium Fat Tire package double-sided beer angel ornament on your tree?” ”Why yes, it is!” ”Awesome.”

Sweet Vintage Ski Gals – Rusty Tin Ornament, $11

Yep, “Sweet” is actually in the product description. Do you disagree? I didn’t think so. This is just proof that there’s always been ski bunnies. I don’t know about you, but I find that comforting.

Vintage Santa and Skis Ornament, $5

A little more traditional and very classic this glass ornament shows Santa’s true preferred mode of transportation. I mean, reindeer are great and all, but the face shots aren’t nearly as good as during some jolly skiing.

Handknit Sweater Ornament, $12

I’m not one to use the word “cute” frivolously, but come on this has to be the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. Odds are, you hang this on your tree, and you’ll discover some tiny little people living in your walls that dig nordic looking sweaters.