One of the sickest contests ever to go down on NS, the Under Armour Slopestyle Video Open, has concluded. The extremely unique contest was the first ever online slopestyle competition, and Under Armour came up with the concept after feeling that there was a lack of Open events for the legions of talented skiers out there. So they decided to give anyone and everyone a chance to score themselves some cold hard cash via uploading a video of their best continuous slopestyle run.

And after much deliberation, judges Justin Dorey, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Clarke and the legendary Dave Crichton have made their decision. And now, the wait is over. So without further ado, here are the final results...


1) Gus Kenworthy - 87.6375

2) Derek Spong - 87.2225

3) Russ Follett - 84.4225

4) Tim McChesney - 82.2525

5) Jason Arens - 78.9825

6) Luke Nutting - 75.1825

7) Adrian Dingle - 74.1175

8) Ricky Hess - 0.0575

9) Henrik Lampert - DSQ


1) Meg Olenick - 74.906

2) Kristi Giles - 72.655

3) Catherine Warchal - 54.53

Congratulations to Gus Kenworthy and Meg Olenick, and mad props to everyone who took the time to enter this dope contest!

On the men's side of things, Gus will be taking home $2000 and $250 worth of Under Armour product, Derek Spong has scored himself $750, and Russ Follett $500.

For the ladies, Meg wins $1000 and $250 worth of Under Armour product, Kristi Giles gets $500, and Catherine Warchal $250.

But there are still two more prizes that need to be given out: the Best Single Rail Trick, and the Best Single Jump Trick, and it's up to you, the NS community, to decide the winner. Each winner will take home $600 worth of product, so head on over to the contest page now and cast your votes!