I haven't done an update for awhile so here it goes.  Every single thing in the park has changed a bit since last time.  We've received some rediculous storms (7-9 ft in like 4 days) that required everything to be taken out and rebuilt.  The park is looking insanely sick lately though. 

Here's a rundown of what's open.....

Unbound Main:

-3 big booters (and i mean big)

-2 smaller ones

-i think 6 rails, but that changes almost every day

-up-tower thing


-18 ft superpipe, 450 ft long

-soon a 22 ft super duper pipe (almost done)

Forest Trail:

--a couple rails (down, flat, ect)

-2 jumps with small and large takeoffs on each

-log bonk

South Park:

-a few new down rails

-a row of either 6 or 7 (can't remember) immaculate jumps

-a hip and a spine

-a smaller jump line (5 jumps)

-an option of a down tower or box

-an option of a d-f-d box, down rail, or flat ledge/box

Jibs Galore:

-too many rails to list.  I'll get an update for this soon cause it's sick

-big battleship box set up as a wallride

-sideways wallride thing built out of snow (pics soon)

-another wallride

-a bunch more

Wonderland Park:

-10 ft pipe

-small jump line

-a few boxes flat on the snow for learning

Disco Park:

-not sure (haven't been over there in awhile)


-skier and boardercross course

Also, I'm sure one of the following things has happened...

-I forgot some things (there's a lot)

-Some new things have been put up

-Some things have changed overnight

Every single feature in the park gets groomed every single night.  Period.  This stuff is always in amazing shape. 

Here's some pics from Main Yesterday.  Please be patient b/c there are a bunch and they take awhile to load.


first down rail

Quiksilver pyramid box.  This thing is so sick.  the pyramid part is covered in clear, slippery plastic.  also, the edge leading up to it is shaved away so you can gap onto the pyramid part then up to the box or just straight onto the box.

another angle

and another

Looking down from the Quiksilver box

There's 2 smaller stepdowns on the left like this

view from above

This stepdown is a monster.  I think the gap is about 65 feet, not to mention how high it throws you.

another angle

Looking up from the chair

Old lift tower

Crooked lift tower bank

Upwards lift tower

The good old Banister Rail.  Super fun.

18 ft Superpipe, 450 ft long

Crooked Booter

Another angle

Money Booter at the bottom.  About a 65 ft gap. 

another angle

and another

Down rail leading into a wallride

different angle


Here's a couple pics I took over in South Park yesterday when I was filming the Nikita Chickita Showdown (all girls sb slopestyle comp)

This is the bottom of the main jump line.  there's another one right above these that I couldn't get in the shot (there's 4) plus there's another 1 or 2 above and a big hip above.  At the bottom there's a rider's choice of down box or lift tower followed by another choice of down rail, dfd box, or flat ledge/box.  These jumps look perfect.

another angle

First rider's choice -- down box or lift tower

That's it for now.  I've been doing a weekly park report video that gets updated every wednesday.  It can be viewed on the front of the Mammoth Home Page (http://www.MammothMountain.com) or in a larger format here... http://www.mammothmountain.com/video.

Check it out.

Peace until next time,