We are excited to announce that this Friday, January 14, we will be heading to the Otsego Club in Gaylord, Michigan to film the United States Snowboard Team! They are coming to Otsego to train in their famous O Park and 22? Monster Pipe. As of now the roster includes Gretchen Bleiler, Louie Vito, Greg Bretz and skier Simon Dumont.

Not only will the United States Snowboard Team be there but there will also be two cool events going on: The SO-GNAR Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour and Middle Earth Snow Series.

Since all of our videos are free and we receive no financial support from sponsors we are asking our viewers to help out. We need to raise $280 by this Friday. The money raised will cover travel, lodging, and production expenses. Please take a minute to donate $1, and tomorrow treat yourself to a regular coffee instead of the usual $3 orange mocha frappuccino

Thank you so much for supporting the production of another video!