words by Julie Weinberger

photos by Felix Rioux

In the final women's event of the weekend, Jess Cumming took home the win in pipe, followed by Mirjam Jaeger in second and Roz Groenwoud in third. With numerous trips to the Open never finishing better than third, Cumming finally hit the top spot.

Angeli VanLaanen

While many of the women fell during their first run of three, the level of skiing improved for the last two runs. Many of the riders were throwing multiple 5's in their runs, and some tossed in 7's as well. Groenwoud stomped a 9 as well. Still, there were some in-the-pipe 3's and 5's, and far too many standard straight airs.

Jen Hudak

As usual, Jen Hudak was going huge. Unfortunately, she couldn't put a solid run to her feet. Jaeger, after putting together a good run, decided to squeeze in one more hit at the bottom of the pipe. She decked, and had to be taken down in a sled, likely blowing her knee.

Mirjam Jaeger

All in all, women's pipe was mediocre. Sure the conditions were tough with some falling snow and flat light, but there is just no excuse for the number of incomplete runs that wer seen today. If the women want to have more events for themselves, such as slopestyle in the X-Games, they need to up the level of skiing. In-the-pipe spins are not going to be shown on a bigger stage.

Jess CummingResults

1) Jess Cumming

2) Mirjam Jaeger

3) Roz Groenewoud

4) Anais Carradeux

5) Keltie Hansen

6) Angeli VanLaanen

7) Megan Gunning

8) Claudia Bouvier

9) Stephanie Seriani

10) Gina Gmeiner

11) Katrien Aerts

12) Em Lonsdale

13) Davina Williams

14) Jen Hudak

15) Manami Mitsoboshi