The results are in and Corey Vanular is the 2006 US Open Slopestyle Champion.  With huge spins being thrown all the way down the jumpline, Vanular seems to have sealed the deal with his 630 onto the flat-down box.  Sammy Carlson took second and Jon occupied his well-worn 3rd place on the podium.On the womens side, Grete Eliassen took home her second straight title with big lofty spins and general comfort on the larger features.  Sarah was 0.4 points behind in second place, with Michelle Parker only another 0.2 back for third spot. Full story with pics and video coming as we get it done.ResultsWomen1. Grete Eliassen2. Sarah Burke3. Michelle Parker4. Claudia Bouvier5. Natalie Sirianni6. Whitney Wickes7. Megan Olenick8. Vanessa Coletta9. Mille Windfeldt10. Shawndrea Wisma11. Julie Johnson12. Olivia Akerley13. Lara Cevoli14. Kristi Johns15. Victoria Beattie Men 1. Corey Vanular2. Sammy Carlson3. Jon Olsson4. Peter Olenick5. AJ Burton6. TJ Schiller7. Simon Dumont8. Derek Spong9. Matt Philipi10. Charles Gagnier 11. Justin Dorey12. Jossiah Wels13. Taylor Felton14. Ian Cosco15. Espen Linnerud