The Olympics is upon us yet again! We've been releasing teams as they came through with the US and Team Canada the forerunners and looking stacked. The other day we got a preview of the slopestyle course and it's looking truly insane.

The rest of the teams have been announced across the two disciplines so we can really get into the predictions and controversy of missed places. This year is also the first time we will see Big Air at the Olympics, as a combined discipline with Slopestyle, so we've got 6 events to look forward to between the 2nd and 19th of February. Buckle up Beijing, things are about to get sendy!

We now have all the teams to ponder and debate with plenty of predictions to make; and selection controversy to discuss in the build up.

The Olympics is right around the corner and that means we've got several freeski teams to ponder and debate with 6 events predict. It wouldn't be the olympics if there wasn't a little controversy and some missed spots. Yet, as ever, this is when our niche passion is on the world stage. It's impossible not to be stoked.

All the names stand out as ready to provide incredible entertainment but here's three that jumped out at me;

- Irish halfpipe skier Brendan Newby returns to the Olympic stage, born in Cork it seems destined to end up stunting.

- Hugo Burvall is making it to Beijing for team Sweden having had a banger winter in the streets and throwing down on the comp circuit too.

- Matej Svancer will be competing in combined Slope/Big Air... destined for gold if Big Air was its own discipline with some correct maths....



Slopestyle & Big Air

Maggie Voisin (USA)

Caroline Claire (USA)

Darian Stevens (USA)

Marin Hamill (USA)

Olivia Asselin

Elena Gaskell

Megan Oldham (CAN)

Lara Wolf (AUT)

Laura Wallner (AUT)

Dominique Ohaco (CHL)

Anni Kärävä (FIN)

Alia Delia Eichinger (DEU)

Izzy Atkin (GBR)

Kirsty Muir (GBR)

Katie Summerhayes (GBR)

Alia Delia Eichinger (ITA)

Kokone Kondo (JPN)

Margaux Hackett (NZL)

Johanne Killi (NOR)

Sandra Eie (NOR)

Anastasia Tatalina (ROC)

Ksenia Orlova (ROC)

Sarah Hoefflin (CHE)

Mathilde Gremaud (CHE)

Guilia Tanno (CHE)



Brita Sigourney (USA)

Hanna Faulhaber (USA)

Devin Logan (USA)

Carly Marguiles (USA)

Cassie Sharpe (CAN)

Rachel Karker (CAN)

Amy Fraser (CAN)

Abi Harrigan (AUS)

Eileen Gu (CHN)

Kexin Zhang (CHN)

Fanghui Li (CHN)

Meng Wu (CHN)

Kelly Sildaru (EST)

Tess Ledeux (FRA)

Sabrina Cakmakli (DEU)

Zoe Atkin (GBR)

Keita Takaha Shi (JPN)

Chloe McMillan (NZL)

Anja Barugh (NZL)

Valeriya Demidova (ROC)



Slopestyle & Big Air

Colby Stevenson (USA)

Alex Hall (USA)

Mac Forehand (USA)

Nick Goepper (USA)

Teal Harle (CAN)

Evan McEachran (CAN)

Max Moffatt (CAN)

Edouard Therriault (CAN)

Antione Adelisse (FRA)

James Woods (GBR)

Leonardo Donaggio (ITA)

Birk Ruud (NOR)

Ferdinand Dahl (NOR)

Christian Nummedal (NOR)

Tormod Frostad (NOR)

Fin Bilous (NZL)

Ben Barclay (NZL)

Javier Lliso (ESP)

Thibault Magnin (ESP)

Oliwer Magnusson (SWE)

Henrik Harlaut (SWE)

Jesper Tjader (SWE)

Hugo Burvall (SWE)

Andri Ragettli (CHE)

Kim Gubser (CHE)

Fabien Busch (CHE)

Colin Willi (CHE)

Daniel Bacher (AUT)



David Wise (USA)

Alex Ferreira (USA)

Birk Irving (USA)

Aaron Blunck (USA)

Marco Ladner (AUT)

Bingqiang Mao (CHN)

Binghan He (CHN)

Jingbo Sun (CHN)

Haizhuo Wang (CHN)

Kevin Rolland (FRA)

Jon Sallinen (FIN)

Gus Kenworthy (GBR)

Brendan "Bubba" Newby (IRE)

Saori Suzuki (JPN)

Ben Harrignton (NZL)

Nico Porteous (NZL)

Miguel Porteous (NZL)

Gustav Legnavsky (NZL)

Roman Egorov (ROC)

Rafael Kreienbuehl (CHE)

Robin Briguet (CHE)