For this year, the Jamboree ski and snowboard video contest (formerly the Stairsmasters) has been given a facelift and is now Unmarked presented by Vidéotron, an online contest with a focus on backcountry adventure and powder instead of urban action. Four crews of skiers ventured off the beaten path to showcase some of the best terrain Quebec has to offer and the edits are now submitted. All the Unmarked teams put their heart and soul into their films and there's going to be one hell of a party at the World Cup to celebrate. The videos of their adventures can be seen below but it's only right that they'll all be shown on the big screen as well. The screening goes down on Saturday 24th March between the World Cup Snowboard Final and the World Cup Ski Final (18:00-19:00). The teams will be there to discuss their experiences and the awards will also be dished out live on stage. Who's going to take the win? You'll need to be there to be one of the first to find out. Meanwhile, check out...


The Videos

Les Khroniques du Quebec

Riders: Frank GP / Jacob Belanger / Fred Lavoie / Justin DL/ JP Brochu/ Nic Veillet Magny / Jean Seb Tremblay

Filmer: Antoine Caron

Where they ride: Le Relais, Stoneham, in town...


A close-knit group of friends who share a common passion for ski, having several self-produced videos under their belt. Park, street or powder skiing in Quebec's most beautiful spots, Les Khroniques have their own vision, based on style and creativity.


"Les" Animaux

Riders: Emile Bergeron / Yan Bussiarre

Filmer: Paul Bergeron et JF Houle

Where they ride: Le Relais, Stoneham, Massif de Charlevoix, in town...


Emile and Yan are not only gifted skiers but long-time friends. Both are well-knowned in Quebec to dominate the national and international scene. They're both accomplished powder skiers when Mother Nature permits.


Crew 3 : The Loners

Riders: Charles Bernier / Olivier Boilard / Sasha-Xavier Frigon / Math Perrino

Filmer: Emile Dontigny

Where they ride: St-Donat, Lanaudiere, Chic-Chocs...


The Loners are a happy bunch with a common love for wilderness and adventure. For over a year now, the crew has been exploring the east coast in search of the best spots for backcountry skiing, documenting their expeditions into many regions such as Gaspesie, Charlevoix and Lanaudiere.


Crew 4 : Touring

Riders: Dom Laporte & Friends

Filmer: Coming

Where they ride : Chic-Chocs


Dom and his crew have moved to the Chic-Chocs a year ago to enjoy the lovely mountains and the stunning nature the area has to offer. The location no longer holds any secrets for these avid skiers and video enthusiasts.