By John Laplant and Teddy Knape

June 5-6, Wisconsin: the forecast calls for sunny skies and temps in the mid-seventies. Sounds like a great day for the beach. How about skiing? Well, the folks at Tyrol Basin in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin think so. And they were right on.

A tradition that's been going on for a decade involves covering the hill’s remaining snow at the end of the season with insulating blankets and then hoping it will stay till June. And it did. Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders showed up to hike the only snow they'll see east of Montana for months. The run consisted of a jump with two lips and numerous rails, including two banked c-boxes and a 40-foot straight rail.

Tyler Barnes.The skier big air, sponsored by Head/Tyrolia, was on Sunday. With the Midwest’s best throwing down it was clear it was going to be a tough competition. Many of the Midwest’s best showed up with the $500 purse in mind. Unfortunately, the limited inrun didn't yield enough speed for switch hits. Highlights of the contest included Steve Shelby’s unnatural 720, Noah Schwander’s bio 900, and Craig Weiler’s amazingly styled flatspin 540. In the end, Mike Hornbeck took home the cash with a corked nine opposite mute, stomped both times. A new pair of Mad Trix went to Tyrol local David Lesh for second place with a misty 720. Third place, along with new Tyrolia bindings, went to Michigan's Tyler Barnes with a flatspin 540 mute.

Ryan Schmies.Besides the comp, riders focused on the rails: two flats, a double kink, two C-boxes and a flat box. On the high rail numerous riders stepped it up with 450s off. For most people, just greasing the 40ft rail was a challenge. Highlights included one skier 50/50ing the entire 40ft double barrel rail. Big air champ Mike Hornbeck stole the show, stomping a 630 off the high rail and greasing 270 on, switch-up on the 40ft long rail.

The whole weekend was a great time with good weather and awesome conditions, considering we were riding in June in Wisconsin, and not on a glacier.

David Lesh.

Mike Hornbeck.