As the title states, this have been two very interesting days. 

Yesterday I was tricked to join a urban-mission in Trondheim. Frankly, urban rails and hits is something I am not very comfortable with. Mostly because it scares me, but also because it’s hard to get enough speed, and when you get enough speed you have probably forgotten about the whole idea with you actually hitting the rail… But as I said, I was tricked into doing it, and it was quite fun. 7 hours total, from when we started building the setup, until we was finished. I think I had like two shots total, and it was raining like nothing I have seen before.

Urbanrails might seem easy to hit when you see them in movies, but that is VERY far from the truth. To even get enough speed is hard, bungee sucks!!

No rest for the wicked! That’s why I got in the car first thing in the morning to go  pow-skiing in Meråker. Too bad I don’t have a 4×4 car anymore, I got stuck half-way up the mountain and had to hike with a friend of mine..

The “pow” we was excpecting was in fact warm and heavy snow that was rather bad to ski on, and it was windy as hell. The best part was the fact that we did not see anything, and I mean anything..

 That is why I managed to get myself into a avalanche after 5 minutes of skiing. Nobody saw me, and nobody believed me. Well, it was not a fun experience!

Best part of the day was that I had to dig my way into the car when we went home. The snowmoving-truck had made a castle around my car, and I did not get anywhere. Haha. I even had to move snow out of the yard at home for 1,5 hrs to even get up the hill to the house. Snow can be a hassle!

Tomorrow is going to be a break from skiing I think, I have to get up at 0330 am to go to work for a change, real work.

Peace out, Steffen