According to the overseas media reported that World of Warcraft CD Key played the family to be possible more convenient to relate now with the Twitter on friend. Microsoft Corporation served under somebody's banner opens source project website Cineplex recently to promote the Tweet Craft plug-in unit, played the family to be possible to use this model of plug-in unit, in game “Tweet”. Through this plug-in unit, plays the family to be possible receives and dispatches in World of Warcraft CD Key manages the Twitter information, the upload game truncation chart, when enters the transcription or achieves the achievement the automatic transmission Tweet information. This plug-in unit caused Twitter to unite the founder similarly to compare this - Stone's attention, he expressed in the blog to this model of plug-in unit's favorable impression. The Exodus trade union once propagandized to attain this achievement world FD, but was proven very quickly has used WoW CD Key, but including the Insides well-known trade union thought that this achievement difficulty is excessively high, is nearly impossible to complete. Now, STARS has achieved the matter which this “is impossible” to achieve, attained the true zero protection to strike finally kills the achievement, dream of the round world.