Yo!I´ve spent my last three days in Trysil.haven´t got much done due to really bad weather, we have had a couple of short fun days in the park and one night session on Jon´s jump. we have to hit it at night cause the weather (light) is really badand supposedly it´s gonna stay bad for a while. we had our first and only session last night,go to http://www.Jon-olsson.com for video. As far as the jump goes it is really fun, it could be a bit biggerbut Jon knows what his doing. Cause the jump can´t reallybe any bigger without getting massive speed issues. It´s a really good jump to just play around with and try new stuff.Me, Oscar and Andreas had fun in the completely whiteout conditionstoday, and I made a little edit for you guys. still ripping that worthless piece of crap Imove 08 or what it is. so Not much editing really. oh yeah, Oscar made me use that song!!!Enjoy!Trysil from PK Hunder on Vimeo.