Near the Minnesota/Wisconsin Border along the St. Croix river are two ski resorts that many midwesterns are familiar with as being the first in the area to open each year. Trollhaugen Ski Area in Dresser, Wisconsin, and Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls, Minnesota are well known for their early opening dates. Cold temperatures allow the family operated resorts to blow snow as early as October- and they let riders reap the benefits immediately by setting up rails on small slopes as soon as humanly possible.

Open For Business. 11/21/2015.

This past fall however has been one for the record books- with temperatures in the 70's all throughout October and early November, these resorts were unable to make snow until late November. Trollhaugen opened for business on November 21st with a long front run serviced by a lift, and 9 rails to be lapped with their tow rope.

Skiers lining up to take their turn in the park.

By Sunday, Troll had blown enough snow to move the park off the bunny hill and over to Valhalla, one of their main tow rope serviced parks. Despite a slow start to the season, the ski area shows that it most definitely won't be a set back as they move forward. The park wasn't the only part of the hill getting hot laps, I think every freestyle rider there could agree that playing around on the front run was more fun than you could ever imagine a 200' hill to be.

Ellen and Krotch grillin' & chillin'

Several members organized a small NS Midwest Gathering, reconnected after the offseason, and practiced their lip on blind 2s. We gathered around the grill in the parking lot (which is one of our favorite Trollhaugen Traditions)-- friends, beers (for those of us of age, of course), and hot dogs.

Check out this edit put together by Andreas Schroeder. Skiers Kory Kirby & John Knopf:


Thanks to everyone who came out! Shoutout to Trollhaugen for hooking up the tickets, and 12 year olds for making fun of me for riding fat skis in the park. They're all I have.