Words: ckoPhotos: cko & Jeff King

The annual Oxy Pro Rail Jam went down Friday night at the new village at Blue Mountain, and it was chaos. The entire Triple Challenge is making quite a name for itself these days. Aside from all the local rippers battling it out for bragging rights on their home turf, ex-Ontarions have come back from out west to take part in Ontario's biggest on snow event of the year.

This year the rail jam was moved to the foot of the slopes just a stone's throw from the village. That took care of getting a crowd, the riders took care of the entertainment. And entertain they did. As soon as the flag was dropped on the two-hour jam, it was pandemonium. The setup was three rails more or less side by side that allowed quick hiking laps and tons of variety. There was a big swing set/rainbow, a flat box that the boarders just destroyed with every kind of press you could imagine, and a 32 foot goal post rail that provided some big highlights - especially once the big boys started gapping over it.

Andrew Singleton provided the commentary for the crowd and was a welcome change from some of the clueless wonders I've had to endure at other comps this year. I guess it helped to have people like Dave Bishop throwing invert handplants over the rainbow. The ladies were also in full force with Jodi Cook and Jen Crichton tossing it up on the flat box.

In the end it was hard to keep track of who was doing what as there was a ton of action going on all night. The judges however were paying attention and awarded the top rider and skier on each rail $150 for their night at the bar.

Ok, we're getting ready for the Big Air tonight so stay tuned to NS - we're trying our best to get it streamed live on the site.


Women's Ski Overall: Jen Crichton

Men's Ski; Tighty-Whitey Rail: Tom Dolozel

Men's Ski; Expo Rail: Dave Bishop

Men's Ski; Pink Panther Box: Peter D.

Dave Bishop handplanting over the Expo Rail
Michael Jackson in the house.
Alex James destroyed the gap over the goal post.
The girls get in on the train action.
Some style on the white goal post.
Tom Dolozel walks away with some cash for his efforts.