Thought I would give a little park update as of March 21. Today was super windy and they jumps were closed, but the park was groomed to perfection and not many people were around so it made for a good day to do some rails/boxes. I'm not sure who can even read this article... so HI there, whoever you are. If you already ride at Tremblant well check out anything they might have changed up, and if you've never been here, this is what you're missing!

Here is a run down of the Southside Expert park. It starts with a mellow rainbox-like box that is awesome for switchups etc...

Then it moves into a pretty sick transfer box. This thing slides sooo perfectly and there is a nice jump if you wanna do spins onto it.

From there you go down to a mellow down rail, set up urban style.

Then there is a little picnic table jib setup. My bro wrecked himself on this today somehow. SO mad they moved that C-box that was here. That thing was so sick for spinning off of.

Then we've got a flat box to a wall ride. The wall ride is sometimes set-up so you can grind the top, but it wasn't today.

Then the park splits into a section where you've got a bunch of different options. This is the view:

So, it goes down box to log jib or up flat, then to flat-up-flat or trapezoid rail, to the 3 jump line. On the far left you can hit a down flat down or another urban down rail.

Here are the rest of the features. Enjoy!