Beaches, girls, alcohol, party like theres no tomorrow....  right? Wrong.   Instead of spending my last school break ever in Cancun, Jamaica or Panama City, I chose a slightly less glamorous and far more affordable setting.  Western New York, Home sweet home.  Andy “the wizard” Parry, Tyler “treecrest” Secrest, and myself decided to drive from Burlington, VT home to New York after hearing of decent snow levels on the urban frontier.  After meeting up with our good buddies Giray “boner jams” Dadali and Geoff from Meathead Films we were off.  For the first couple days, Andy, Tyler and I sessioned some trees in odd ways.  Then it happened.  The jump of poop.  Hours and hours using pitchforks and shovels yielded one of if not the world's first real pooper park booter.  Literally a 45ft table of rotting leaves, garbage and mulch.  It smelled fantastic.  Tyler and I hit it a couple times each and that was enough for us.  Luckily, the courageous Andy and  lionhearted Giray triumphed over adversity and slayed the beast like it was nothing.  Keep and eye out for the Giray Dadali Invitational next year in Rochester, NY. on the Cobb's Hill Park poop pile.  Next up was a little trip west to Buffalo, NY, birth place of the chicken wing and home to a few very kinky rails.   Giray shook off some somersaults in the stairs and cleaned the rail first.  Unfortunately during the second rail we hit, Andy had a run in with some concrete and had to sit the rest of the night out.  That was it for New York.  You know it was a good trip when you drive home sore, bruised, and exhausted.   Unless mother nature decides to give us something more to work with, it looks like urban may be finished on the east for year.  It was definitely a memorable one, the most rails/trees/playgrounds any of us have ever skied on, over and through in a year.  Check out Meathead films next movie for all of the above and more.  Time for some soft spring jumps and maybe even a little sunshine.  Have a good rest of the year and see you on the hill.  -Will

Andy the Fetus

Andy "the wizard" Parry

Don't Go to Slow

Super - Pooper Park in all it's Glory


Epic glades on the in run

Dinosaur BBQ, A Rochester classic

Giray backflipping to victory

Giray "boner jams" Dadali, scholar

Hold on

Keeping warm

Long way to go

The brave ones

The Wizard

Tyler "treecrest" Secrest

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