Words and photos by The Red Knight

After returning from our snow filled Euro-trip we decided that the next best ski destination would most logically be in America’s Midwest. While Andy continued to rehab his ACL (and start another career), Logan Imlach and Cole Drexler flew into Salt Lake City for the twenty-hour drive from Utah to Minnesota.

Andy's a traitor.

Logan and Cole amidst their 20 hour card game.

The TC Van headed to the Midwest.

The Perry's are watching over us at all times.

Midwest ski resorts might not be the same as the Swiss Alps, but high-speed rope tow laps create a unique atmosphere that totally compensates for any lack in vertical. Plus, taking a million rope tow laps in only four hours really helps burn off the 5,000 calories that you got from eating a doughnut the size of your face.

Allen's Texas doughnut

Waiting for pancakes!

Mt. Rushmore.

The real Mt. Rushmore.

So through rain, sleet, snow, mean truckers, gross road-kill and boring twenty hour treks in the van, we learned that skiing is still pretty awesome, even if your mountain is as flat as a pancake. 

Taking in the roadside attractions.

Cole mingling with the locals.

The many sides of South Dakota.

Flat as a pancake.

Thanks for watching! 

Special thanks to LINE Skis Midwest, Allen Lam and everyone who helped us out with a place to stay!

Traveling Circus Season Finale - Flat As A Pancake