Athan and I are sitting in Vancouver airport currently, it is 7am, and we are heading to Montreal for the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3). Out of the Shadows will be premiering at IF3, and competing in the pro category, which we are stoked about.

Now, here is a lesson to everyone, well maybe just some, or maybe just us. I arrived at Athan’s house in Vancouver last night at 11pm. We had set our wake up alarms for 5:15am. I woke up and my watch said 5:20am. After getting dressed, I woke Athan up, and he too looked at his clock and saw 5:20. After some breakfast we walked 10 blocks to the skytrain station. Hmm, weird. The skytrain had big sliding doors over the entrance…it was closed. This prompted a relook at the old wrist clock, and to my shock it was 3:00am. We had both actually woken up around 2:30am and read the 2’s as 5’s and had both fully thought it was 5:30 when we woke. So we headed back to Athan’s house, slept 2 more hours, then back to the skytrain at the proper time.

Lesson of the story a 2 is not a 5.

Head over to and to see our trailer and to vote for us for the IF3 Best Teaser Award….voting on both sites counts.

off to YUL.