Unless you're in Whistler, Mt Hood or the Southern Hemisphere, the summer can be a tough time for any die hard skier. There's no snow, no mountains open and your parents are yelling at you to stop talking about skiing. So what do you do? You could book yourself a cheap ticket to Costa Rica to surf your brains out while drowning your no snow sorrows in drinks with little umbrellas in them, pass the time by renting a puppy to take for walks to your local beach so chicks in bikinis flock to you, or play golf.

None of these are bad things of course, but they still aren't skiing. So fortunately for you, the ski filmmakers of the world are here to save the day. The snow is gone for them too and it's time to get down to business with editing, dealing with sponsors and hiding the bodies of the athletes that drove them crazy all winter. Their off season usually kicks off this month, as they release the trailers for their upcoming movies. And as anyone who's been glued to the site over the past few weeks knows, there's no better way to stoke up a skier in the summertime than by giving them the gift of ski porn.

Here at NS we too have been excitedly crowding around our computers daily for each and every single trailer, but we're a bit overwhelmed by the number of them. So we figured what better way to keep you drooling over the onslaught of movies that will arrive at your door and local cinema and watering hole in a few months than by creating a trailer page, where you can hoot and holla over and over and over again while waiting for the 08/09 season to arrive.

So head over to The Teasers Page where every trailer that we've got our hands on and will get our hands on in the coming weeks will be ready for your viewing pleasure, and for those of you too lazy to click on the link, we've posted a few of our favorites below. Enjoy.


MSP's CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie...EVER!


Level 1's TURBO


Rage's Such is Life


Joystick's Hot Lunch


Stept's Road to Nowhere


4BI9's Slamina