Every year we see another epic Matchstick Productions movie, we also see Teton Gravity Research prove that, yet again, helicopters still beat gravity… at least for some time. These production companies are stalwarts and incumbents, they generally have a duopoly on mainstream ski movie production. Each year the fall rolls around after an increasingly hot summer we get these two trailers a week or so apart. Its inevitability is almost comforting, the seasons change and with it will come a wave of content from all walks of skiing, from homies in the streets with a bungee and a two-four to these guys, with money and choppers.

This year is no different, two high-production trailers, two stacked teams of riders and two movies no different from the last. The best of the best, skiing places you'll never go with modes of transport that burn amounts of cash and carbon you could only dream of destroying for a single ski run. This is the skiing that dreams are literally made of. They are movies that will inspire a new generation of freeskiers and fire up the old heads enough to get through the last of the summer smoke and the soggy shoulder season.

Matchstick Productions have travelled to the Land Of Giants, chasing big zones and steep lines. Teton Gravity Research are exploring the stuff of legend in... Legend Has It, presumably doing more research on gravity, helicopters and post-production.

Both trailers are jaw-dropping. Both are equally a display of skiing at the highest, gnarliest most insane level and they are damn impressive. Guaranteed to make you start pulling skis out of the shed for a wax and a tune, re-proof your outerwear and double-check the long-range forecasts.

It can only be ski movie season... so let’s goooo!


Legend Has It - Teton Gravity Research



The Land Of Giants - Matchstick Productions