As the only event of the year to mix up the format of pipe skiing, modified superpipe is perhaps the most intriguing event of Dew Tour. Despite heavy snowfall, the course was in great shape and we were treated to a truly intriguing contest as the guys tried to figure out how to put together high scoring runs in this unique format. Nico Porteus and Gus Kenworthy set the bar with dubs out of the first pip section/shark fin kind of feature.

On Gus' second run, he stepped things up adding a switch dub 12 to take the lead. Noah Bowman went close to stomping a stormer but tickled the grab on his first hit 10 blunt which killed his score.

First in the running order, Gus crashed on run 3 and had to wait as all 9 other riders dropped in to try and knock him off top spot. Hunter Hess went to the moon out of the pipe to landing hit but opened up, which definitely killed his score. Noah Bowman went huge on two switch dubs in the bottom pipe section to take the lead with a massive 95.00. Birk stomped a huge dub 12 out of the first pipe section and his trademark dub flat 7 in the middle of his run but was a little lower on the amplitude and could only go provisional fourth. Aaron Blunck stomped an insane switch dub flat 9 out of the pipe and landed a dub 12 bolts on one ski at the bottom of his run, scoring 84.

Alex Ferreira dropped in last, stomping a dub flat out, and a dub 14 in to a switch 9. He landed deep on the 14 though, sealing the win for Noah and a first podium in some time for Gus.



3rd Place - Nico Porteous

2nd Place - Gus Kenworthy

1st Place - Noah Bowman


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