Words by Matt Harvey

Video by Chris O’Connell

Beautiful sunshine, thousands of people, great bands, and a quarter pipe in the middle of downtown Toronto set the stage for what was a humungous weekend-long party, in typical Molson Canadian Snowjam fashion.

Friday hosted the skiing quarter pipe practise and qualifying sessions. There was very little energy in these jams as very few people actually showed up until Saturday. Qualifying were Dave Crichton, Rex Thomas, Jordan Monk, Myles Rickets, Jon Kozody, Mauro Nunez, Scott Hibbert, and Sarah Burke. The rest of the day was fairly mundane as bands played and other events took place.

Saturday was a whole other ball game. Far more people showed up, and the yells and cheers were almost deafening. The ski competition really heated up and the crowd responded accordingly. Advancing to the ski finals were Dave Crichton, Jon Kozody, and Myles Rickets. Kozody threw huge technical airs, but ceased to land on his feet in either of his final runs. Crichton responded by stomping switch 9 safeties, clearly putting him on top. Rickets, knowing he couldn’t top Crichton’s switch 9, and knowing that Kozody had not landed anything decided to throw a straight japan about 5 feet off the deck. Although he landed his trick, the judges awarded him only third place.

Final Standings:

1. Dave Crichton

2. Jon Kozody

3. Myles Rickets

Skiing was not the only attraction at Snowjam worth paying attention to. Many great bands took the stage, including Bullfrog featuring Kid Koala, and Swollen Members. Kid Koala dazzled the crowd with his intense turntablism skills, spinning on 3 turntables, without headphones, and Swollen Members put the crowd into an explosion of fury with an unbelievable freestyle, and all their popular tracks.

New fashion trends also swept Exhibition Place this weekend like the plague. From high heels and flowery dresses, to denim skirts, to chains and pants at the knees, there was something for everyone, even those who prefer the topless look.

In all, it was a great weekend and we'll see you all in Ottawa on the 20th.

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