As APS grows bigger and bigger all the time, we think it's important to share the most popular posts with our new (and old) readers.  Here's our Top 7 Most Viewed Posts.  Enjoy!Logo Removal:  Learn several different techniquest that will enable you to pull logos from your images using photoshop.Shooting into the Sun:  Some of the best shots are taken directly into the sun.  Learn what settings will make the sun a perfect star and incorporate the sun into your images.Nailing Focus:  Focus is one of the toughest parts of action photography to tackle, learn what the pros do.20 Tips Every Action Photographer Must Know: Here they are.  20 tips that will make anyone a better action photographer!Back Button Auto Focus:  Use the back AF focus button to ensure that your pictures are perfectly focused.Sharpening 101:  Every RAW image can use some sharpening.  The pro's techniques have been dymystified!Extreme Detail:  Reveal "Extreme" detail in your images with this amazing photoshop technique.Now that you are armed with this new found knowledge, head out and "get the shot!"