#1 Trollhaugen

Dresser, Wisconsin

Coming in at number one on the list is Trollhaugen. Troll is located 50 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities in Dresser, Wisconsin. Known for its fun and creative set ups, Troll attracts pros from around the world. With 82 features, 12 acres of terrain park area and tow ropes to get you up the hill, this is a must visit park for anyone in the Minneapolis area. Troll offers $48 day tickets, $35 night tickets, $20 tickets on Fridays from 9pm-3am and $100 college student passes.



https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/916665/Trollhaugen---Human-Being---REJUVE---Ep-1--Vol-3---2018-19---Film-Edit--Nick-Schoess#2 Spirit Mountain

Duluth, Minnesota

Number two goes to Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota. Located two hours north of the Twin Cities, Spirit Mountain hosts Spirit Park, one of the longest park runs in the Midwest. With up to 14 features in one line, this top-to-bottom park has some large jump hits for Midwest standards. Also, with the addition of a rail park serviced by a tow rope, there are high speed options to get many rail hits in. Spirit has a whopping 70 acres of terrain park area and usually has about 75 features. Tickets start at $45 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays but jump up to $59 for the other days. However, this is a must hit park due to its size and versatility.




#3 Wild Mountain

Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Wild Mountain is home to number three on this list. Just 50 minutes Northeast of the Twin Cities, Wild Mountains terrain park has been on point the last couple of seasons thanks to Matt Wunderlich. Their four terrain parks have numerous tubes and rails designed for all levels of riding. Recently, Wild Mountain has been incorporating more creative features that have been stealing traffic from Trollhaugen. Day tickets start out at $51 and night tickets start at $28, with Friday night specials of $21 from 4pm-1am. If the park crew at Wild keeps up the hard work, I'd expect to see more content coming out of Wild this season.




#4 Elm Creek

Maple Grove, Minnesota

One of the most interesting terrain parks in Minnesota lands at number four. Elm Creek is the closest thing to surfing on skis as you can get. With the whole hill being mainly a mix of terrain park riders and cross country skiers, the dynamic here is unique to say the least. Luckily, the terrain park is on point. With two ropes running from 3pm-9pm on weekdays and 9am-9pm on weekends, fast laps on the creative, flowy park can be entertaining for hours. Also, this is the cheapest hill on the list with day passes starting at $17 and 10 punch passes from $140. If you want to enjoy a day hitting unique lines and a wavy park, head to Elm Creek.



#5 Tyrol Basin

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

The furthest from Minneapolis, number 5 Tyrol Basin is worth the drive. Just about four hours away from the Twin Cities, Tyrol Basin is home to one of Wisconsins best terrain parks. Mainly served by a lift, the terrain park at Tyrol has up to 8 features in a line with a pad of 3 features being served by a tow rope. In the past, however, the rope is usually turned off. Although the fast laps are limited, Tyrol still holds its place due to their creative set ups. With $17 weekday tickets, $48 weekend tickets and specials for college students, the ticket is worth the fun.