Our winner, John ORourke (trickstaj14)

He was the first to submit pictures fitting all the guidelines, and the whole

16 thing is really funny.

Congrats man, enjoy the skis!


2nd - Mike La-Ayane, dating a picture and holding it up. That's funny stuff.

He's getting a Gyro helmet sent to him!

3rd - Tyler, just missing out on the skis. He was in 2nd place, and his pictures

were really good. However, Joe was faster on the draw.

However some of Tyler's late entry pictures were so funny, it's been voted

that he'll be recieving a helmet as well as his shirt prize pack!

Some other funny pics we recieved for the contest.

Thanks to everyone who participated and listened in to the show.

Look forwards to NSRadio and NSTV starting next week at the Orage Masters!