Last month Newschoolers got the chance to fire questions at Tom Wallisch after he and Line Skis announced a much-anticipated partnership. Line spiced up the usual Q&A format by inviting participants to address questions not just to Tom, but also to Line employees and the rest of the team. Here are some highlights from the Newschoolers forum Q&A session. Rumour Has it that he's got a set of Tom Wallisch Skis coming out of this deal.

A photo posted by Tom Wallisch (@twallisch) on Nov 11, 2014 at 9:33am PST

Krotch: Tom, I know you kind of explained why you decided to go with Line on one of your latest Instagram pictures but how easy was the decision in reality? How much pressure were you getting from other companies to sign to their team?

Derek the Dawg is the third thing you list on your Line profile for what you love most. What kind of dog is he? How cool is he? Is he cooler than Mr.Bishop? Will we ever see Derek shredding pow like he shreds wakes with you in the summer?

The big question here: Traveling Circus? Are you going to be joining the gang this year on their shenanigans?

TWallisch (Tom Wallisch): It was a fairly easy decision actually. I've had so much fun working with and designing products with everyone at Full Tilt that it just made sense to move over to Line as well.

Derek tha Dawg is a mixed breed. Most likely a blue heeler, chihuahua, jack russell mix. He'll most definitely be shredding pow with me this winter.

You might see some guest appearances on [Traveling Circus] but I won't be joining the gang.

Roan: Will you steer more towards filming or keep competing? Also, can you ski pow with Pollard?

Tom: Gonna focus mostly on filming this season! Big things in the works. But I'm still gonna compete some as well. And hopefully I will get to ski some pow with Pollard, yes!

Tacobellslayer: Tom, your profile on LINE claims that you are 27 years old. However, it is common knowledge that you were only able to grow a beard only very recently. How did you overcome this setback in your recent partnership with LINE? We deserve answers.

Tom: Haha. It was a long and time-consuming process. Very tough negotiations while I was working on my beard.

source: @TWallisch Instagram

Mr.Bishop: Can you speak to us about your transition from a mostly edit and film based athlete into a competition ninja? Also, what will be the future balance between contests and filming?

Tom: Filming is what I grew up with. Making edits with your friends is absolutely my favorite thing to do in skiing. Competitions just started happening for me and became a huge part of my season.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to the basics and making more edits and filming more this season and in the years to come!

Foxxy-Bang: Do you think with the Future Spin ski under your feet, you will be able to throw down a 2340, or a 2700? If so, will this ski be granting you the ability to travel to the future?

Tom: Only time will tell! Would be sweet to get a nice 2880 in this season haha

toastyteenagers: Did your current sponsorship with Full Tilt help you decide your sponsorship?

Tom: Definitely! My partnership with Full Tilt has been awesome and totally helped influence my decision to move to Line.

rudeboy: What flex tongue do you use and how tight do you buckle your boot? like really tight or loose, also do you do the strap first [or] last, and how tight? Thanks, smash it this season!

Tom: I usually ride with a Flex 8 tongue and I keep my boots buckle really tight. I keep it simple and start on the bottom buckle and work my way up. No idea if that's the right way or not haha

immas: After skiing a season with an injured knee, what are some things you're looking forward to doing that you couldn't last season?

Tom: I can finally land big tricks forward again! Last season I had to try and land switch on all my bigger tricks because of how bad my knee hurt.

It's awesome to be banging out some forward landings again!

"Such an epic day here in Austria! @primeparksessions. [Photo[ by @pallylearmond!!" - source: @twallisch Instagram

NinetyFour: What kind of opportunities will there be for Tom to ride with other Line teammates like some of the LTC crew, or some of the more pow oriented guys like Eric Pollard or Andrew Whiteford?

Line_Skis (Josh Malczyk, Line Skis Global Brand Director): Always into cross pollination! It's a team of individuals but as long as schedules line up there's always the possibility.

GrumpisPringle: Do you plan on sponsoring other huge names like Wallisch?

Josh: Expect the unexpected. Currently we're not looking to add more to the team and looking forward to the season and how we can all work together to make the best footage, products and have the most fun.

KillaSeason: How much do you predict your sales to skyrocket this season after the news of Wallisch joining the brand?

Josh: Ha! Who knows, we're just trying to expose more of the world to our type of skiing and with a team of athletes that are able to fly the flag, it just helps the cause.

Grilled.Steeze: I'm a 14 year old freestyle skiier [sic]. Will you guys sponsor me?

Josh: Wallisch was a 14 year old skier who got a pair of Line Ghetto Blasters and fell in love with the sport .. keep skiing, keep having fun and who knows what will come!

"#tbt #throwback Old school shredding back at @wispresort. These @lineskis were my first twins. Stoked to be back rocking Line again!" - source: @twallisch Instagram

jpastor: This question is for the designers and engineers. How does it feel to be at the head of the game when it comes to powder ski design? I think most people can agree that Mr. Pollards Opus is one of the best pow skis on the market.

Josh: When you work with the best and allow their ideas to come to being you can create the best. That sounds cheesy but honestly working with forward thinking individuals and like Pollard, LJ, Will, now Tom and our insanely talented engineer Jed and many others it's a great symbiotic relationship. With the entirety of Line World (sales, marketing, product, everyone) having an overriding trust and belief that the products we make are the right move for skiing.

Allowing opinions, crazy ideas, criticisms, complains to be heard and filtering everything to make what we think is best in any product, promo or whatever is awesome.

Turner.: Josh [Malczyk] and Dan [Brown]: What kind of titanium balls do you guys have? Tom Wallisch seemed like a name that, with all due respect, would be claimed by a more elite, competition-minded brand. What do you think Line brought to the table that other companies couldn't?

Josh: Balls are made from the same stuff all us mortals are made of.

Tom's a freestyle skier .. Line's been making freestyle skis for nearly 20 years, since before any of those 'elite' brands could figure out how to modify their race presses to turn up the back tails of their skis. With one of the biggest names in freestyle flying the flag to freestyle skiers and newcomers every day and riding for a brand that isn't 100% true to his kind of skiing I think it would be doing a disservice to everyone. Line brings to the table the same language that Tom and everyone on NS speaks and the passion to keep evolving and growing this part of the sport we love so much together.

Summary of above rant: natural fit and our minds think alike.

Bucklay: What ski model has sold the most this year?

Josh: Tough to say as it just started snowing and we don't get retail #s from every country. Our most popular skis historically due to being some real money do everything sizes for large parts of the world are the Chronic & Sir Francis Bacon .. our freeride skis like the Sick Day 110 and Supernatural 100 are also awesome if you're into ripping .. tell your racer friends! they rule!

GrumpisPringle: [Tom Wallisch] pro model?

Josh: Always developing and seeing what will fit… keep an eye out.

Brule.: Will [Wesson] & Andy [Parry]: How big was the transition for you guys from skiing in Western New York to traveling across North America and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere?

TravelingCircus (Andy Parry & Will Wesson):

Andy: It was a big move from skiing hills to skiing real mountains.

Will: There are many times a year when I find myself asking "how did I get here?"

"Heading to @trollhaugentroll right now! @lineskis #lineskis @fulltiltboots @thehouseboardshop @willwesson @funkygrussell @parryandy" - source: @linetravelingcircus Instagram

Brule: Andy: What sparked the idea for the Tell A Friend Tour in the beginning? Shane [McFalls, Traveling Circus filmer]: Standard Definition or HD, which do you think is the best in your opinion?

Andy: No tour was really happening and I thought it was a good idea so I made it happen. It was also one of the original ideas we pitched to Line Skis but they went with Traveling Circus.

Shane McFalls: HD is the best for porn. SD is the best for skateboarding. Skiing is some place in between.

JTCasper540_MN: Andy: Are you going to come to Minnesota on Tell A Friend Tour? if yes, when and where?

Andy: Yes!

Jan 23rd Wild

Jan 24th Troll

Jan 25th Hyland hopefully

Foxxy-Bang: TC Crew: You guys going to make it out to Tahoe at all this year? I am an aspiring cross country van driving/skier, you have any tips or tricks? Also try and make a trip north up to Montana, ski Big Sky and Moonlight Basin.

Andy: Not sure if we will for TC but I'm sure Will might be skiing Tahoe at some point.

Bring TP and don't eat at too many fast food places.

CK_Media: Andy: Any new wizard tricks in the making right now? Will: How many switch-ups do you think you could do on any given rail?

Andy: If I told you I would have to kill you.

Will: Depends on how long the rail is.

althomson: LJ [Strenio]: What is your favorite ski resort? Also, is god real?

LJ (LJ Strenio): That's a tough one, I'll cheat and say Keystone for park and Jackson Hole for when it dumps.

toastyteenagers: LJ: What was it like to be in a cast for 2 years? How did it affect your life, and skiing?

LJ: I'm assuming you mean with both my wrists, It definitely sucked but it was a minor nagging injury that I was able to put up with as long as I always wore a wrist brace skiing. surgery was a nice relief (for both wrists) though it was tough going to school and using a pencil/typing when it was my right wrist. thankfully they broke at separate times and skiing was the least affected part of my life.

B.Lyfe: LJ: when will paragliding and your surfing be combined?

LJ: I combined it a while ago filming for this:

"Pretty cool to see a published shot of me #speedfly in last months @powdermagazine thanks for the photo @chipkalback @lineskis @sagaouterwear @girosnow @skitheeast @outdoortech @locosportstv" - source: @ljstrenio Instagram

HOTPOSSIE: Jack Borland - I hear you have an older brother who is a pro rollerblader, is that true?

JackBorland (Jack Borland): Yeah, he still hasn't given the big news to our parents.

yellav: I'd like to pose a question to line rider Jack Borland: is it true your real last name is Borlando?

Jack: Yes.

immas: Dan [Brown, Line Marketing Manager]: How often are you and the OTHER Dan Brown confused for each other on this site?

KapitolPhoto (Dan Brown): It's happened a few times. I've gotten yelled at by Bishop thinking I was SLC Dan. A few others in the office here have come in and asked Josh why Line's Marketing nerd was talking shit on the internet not realizing that it was the other Dan. Ha.

I'd say the best story of confusion is that when word started getting out that I was joining the crew here in Seattle on Facebook, I think it was Shane or someone else who congratulated SLC Dan as a joke. I think I "liked" the status and all of a sudden, all my family started to find out that way and offering up congrats ... not knowing that it was the wrong Dan.

Dan: HOTPOSSIE: Is it true you're sponsored by the devil?

HOTPOSSIE: "Sponsored" is a loose term. More of a supporter of LaVeyan Satanism, who flows me some goat blood and virgins a few times a year.

HOTPOSSIE: Is it true that the Dan Brown's have kissed before?

danbrown: Dan is married, and I would "never do such a thing."