Words by Nick Mir and Matt McGinnisPhotos by Katie Huysman and Jen Merrihew

So we're a little late with this article, but hey, better late

than never! Thanks to everyone who came out to Toggenburg, NY last

weekend, where the first annual ToggFest '06 was a success!For those of you

who didn't make it out, here's a little summary of last weekend's

antics. Over 200 people came out last Saturday to session our

pre-season rail setup and watch some of the best ski and board movies

that this year has to offer. Rails were slayed for three hours by riders

from Buffalo to Quebec to Burlington! The jam featured some of the

most talented skiers on the East Coast. We got the first session kicked

off earlier than planned due to high anticipation and the fact that

everyone was waiting around the rails rather than watching the

movies inside. The first jam was pretty sick, everyone got a pretty

good feel for the setup and was throwing down in no time. Giray Dadali

managed to simultaneously shock and scare the crowd with his ridiculous

skiblade stunts and stunning attire.

Eventually, the five truckloads of

snow that we brought in that morning turned into mud. Thanks to Casey

Smith and Mike McGinnis, more snow was brought in and made a second

hour-long jam possible that showcased more early season rail trickery

than we ever thought possible. 270s to broken by Pat Cowan, 270s to

switch up by Lil' John, blindside switchups by Erik VanIngen, and just

about every trick imaginable by Andy Parry all became commonplace by

the end of the second session. The man who stole the show, however, was

Chris Dennis with a sick blindside switchup on the down rail followed

by cleaning the gnarly flat-down-flat to 270 out. Props to Chris and

everyone else who was throwing down all day, everyone was absolutely

killing it. The jam was also highlighted by a number of gruesome

crashes which left virtually everybody covered in mud and had Pat Cowan

talking in a bit higher voice than usual.

Thanks to X-Out Films, Trash

Attack, Abstract Films, Tuckered Out Films, Nector Films, Huckfest

Productions, New Way Productions, Meathead Productions, Trilogy Arts,

and Level 1 Productions, everyone was treated to some of this year's

best ski and board videos throughout the day. Our thanks also go out to

Toggenburg Mountain, The Ski Company Mountain Sports, 802 Action

Sports, Red Bull, Logic Clothing, Triology Arts, the guys at Meatheads,

and especially Level 1 for providing giveaways and raffles for the

event. Also, a special thanks to everyone who came out and supported

the event and everyone else who helped out, we greatly appreciate

everyone's effort. Watch out for ToggFest '07 coming at you next fall,

but more importantly check out Toggenburg this winter and keep an eye

out for our events going all winter starting with a rail jam on

December 30th. Any comments, questions, or concerns can be sent to toggparkcrew@gmail.com. Hope to see you on the snow soon!

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