Greetings, this is Erik van Ingen and I'm gonna give you the scoop on my

adventure to get some preseason sessionage at Toggfest. The journey started

Friday October 19th, I was forced to leave my car at home for the first

semester of Freshman year so I was forced to take a bus home in order to go to

Toggfest. I left my dungeon of a dorm well before the bus came considering I

have never taken a coach bus on my own before and did not want to risk missing

my ride. By the way I go to school at Canisius Collge in Buffalo, NY, this city

is a shithole and I suggest nobody ever come here and for that reason alone I'm

getting the hell away from here ASAP. I arove at the bus station and got my

ticket, eventually I boarded the bus. Our first stop was in Rochester NY where

two Homeland Security Officers boarded the bus and began questioning everyone

including myself. I personally thought these guys were a myth but I was proven

wrong. The four people sitting in front of me were all arrested for being

illegal aliens, crazy stuff man.

Eventually the bus arrived in Syracuse, NY

where I was greeted by my dad, he took me home and boy howdy did I raid the fridge,

24/7 cafeteria food tends to desensitize one's taste buds so I have no idea

what tastes good. It was then I called it a night because the next morning was

Toggfest!!!!! The next day I awoke bright and early eager to ski, after doing

some other stuff I left for Toggenburg, I was making record time, but five

minutes from arriving I was pulled over and received my first speeding ticket,

a 74 in a 45. Despite the fact of being totally screwed I was still pumped. I

arrived to Toggenburg at the site of several features. I won't bog you down

with my eloquent words and you can take a look at the pics and video.....they

do enough justice....peace.

Check out the video too!