Toe Standing has become 2008's version of the laser pointer, Ferbi, Tamagachi, and hell even the big wheel. It's taking not just the nation but the world by storm. Everyone from kids, parents, and teachers are doing it. So why aren't you? It's relatively free and super fun! All you need is some good shoes and the ability to rock out! Here's a quick interview I conducted with Professional Sponsored Athlete Toe Stander Dude Man, Darren Rayner:

Name: Darren Rayner

Age: twenty-toe

Location: Whistler, Vancouver

Toe Standing Ability: One-foot ToeStands are in right now as well.

What is ToeStanding?

ToeStanding is a lifestyle. It helps you look at the world differently. Your walk to work will no longer be boring and uneventful! Once you get accustomed to standing on your toes you'll begin to see ToeStanding stunts everywhere.

How do I start ToeStanding?

It's really very simple all you need is a nice pair of shoes, a flat surface and peace of mind. Lean forward onto your toes. Congratulations you've just stood on your toes. Now try ToeStanding somewhere else, high up, down low, on a mountain. ToeStanding has the potential to be done anywhere -- have fun with it

- the Toe Standing Team

How did this phenomenon start?

The Voleurz Family was in Kingston, ONT for their premiere of “More For The Astronauts”… We were partying, having fun, and all of a sudden Bruce just stood on his toes. Plain and simple. We believe this was one of the first ToeStands since our ToeStanding fore-father, Michael Jackson. MJ’s ToeStanding career was impressive, but according to our sources was ended abruptly with an ingrown ToeNail… or something.

Bruce became the Toe-Founder that night. We soon developed our “Pro-Toe Team and bought the domain name for

Our facebook group is growing exponentially. People all over the world are dropping phoToes onto the group. Withing days we began receiving phoToes from Ukraine, Australia, England. We were toetally stoeked.

Where does the innovation for new toe stands end?

We’ve been progressing the lifestyle of ToeStanding since day 1. Our Pro-Toe team is out in the field, researching and developing new styles and methods. I recently accomplished the first ever deep sea (110ft) ToeStand in the waters of Indonesia. We’ve been getting into the more dangerous stands, you know? Like ToeStanding handrails or even over balcony’s. Big mountain and urban stunting is where its going. But keeping it classy is important.

How does this new trend compare to older ski and snowboard trends like say, drinking out of a shoe or dancing on camera?

Shoe drinking is very cool. But its more of a punishment than a reward. ToeStanding is something everyone should be privileged to be able to do. It feels good and brings peace of mind. Plus, you’re friends will be stoeked when you out Toeform them.

Can we expect official toe standing gear from Voleurz?

We’re keeping it hush-hush. Maybe a limited edition Toe-Tee?

Do you expect toe standing to influence the upcoming United States Presidential election?

Toetally. Obama is already claiming to go “Toe-to-Toe”…. If he stomps it, we’ll make him an honourary Toe-master.


Any plans for a video release?

We’ve already begun filming for our summer ToeStanding video release.. We’re thinking of calling it either “Toetally Awesome”.. or “Don’t Just Stand There”.. What do you Newschoolers think?

Who is the face of toe standing?

Anyone who stands on their Toes is a ToeStander… But there are a few key individuals who are Toe-gressing the sport..

Bruce Giovando – Chief ToeStander

Mason Mashon – Traditional ToeStander

Braden Dean – ToeStanding Innovator

Darren Rayner – Informal ToeStander

Jan Schuster- BigToe ToeStander

Last but not least, how has toe standing changed your life?

We began ToeStanding for the fun of it, but now people have expectations.. I mean, we walk around Whistler Village and people see us, and try to get us to ToeStand for them. ToeStanding can’t be forced, it must be natural and smooth feeling.