It’s easy to notice if your tires have uneven or excessive tread wear, spot a tell-tale coolant leak under your car or hear that grinding sound that tells you your brake pads need replacement. MAZDA shocks and struts are different.

Like other important vehicle systems, they do wear out over time, but often so gradually you don’t even notice. They’re also more difficult to inspect. But, because they’re an important part of your car’s suspension system, your MAZDA complete strut assembly should be inspected for wear and tear at least twice a year. And, you can depend on your local Michigan or Ohio tire store to have ASE Certified Technicians with the training, tools and quality replacement shocks and struts from Tenneco to do the job right.

A shock absorber, also called a damper, is an oil or gas filled tube that helps the coil springs and anti-roll-bars work more effectively by preventing unwanted motion in the suspension system. It converts kinetic energy created by the up and down motion of the tires into heat energy by forcing fluid or gas through a series of control valves inside itself. A strut is a single, self contained unit that integrates a shock absorber within a coil spring. In addition to absorbing road shock, noise and vibration, shocks or struts play an important role in keeping your tires firmly planted to the road every time you accelerate, stop, corner or hit a bump.

When is it Time for New ACURA shocks and struts? Most vehicle owner manuals recommend frequent shock and strut inspection and replacement every 50,000 miles, depending on your personal driving habits. However, any of the following warning signs can tell you if your shocks and struts might need replacement.

Why spend your time bouncing through even minor bumps in the road, swaying through corners and replacing your tires more frequently then you should? Visit your local Ohio or Michigan tire store and have an ASE Certified Technician inspect and replace your shocks or struts if necessary. You’ll not only enjoy a smoother more comfortable ride, you’ll also maximize the performance and tread life of your tires.  B2C | B2B2C