Last week my brother and I spent a few days climbing around on Mt. Timpanogos in order to get our legs in shape for the winter. This is a perfect mountain for that. The sheer vertical rise of Timp is astounding. As you stand at the base of the mountain and gaze up some 5,000 feet to the summit, you become humbled. Everywhere you look on this mountain, tales of deadly, destructive avalanches can be heard. The aspen trees become flattened, and entire forests of mature timber are plowed down by the devastating forces of nature. The energy I receive from this mountain is immense.

Elk Point, ominously looming over the foggy valley
heading up to the glacier. swallow tail snurfer for the descent.
we saw a bunch of goats. Plenty of steep cliffs for them.
It was very winter-like for october. Stoked to come up here in the winter.
first snurf descent down the lower glacier? Conditions were consolidated powder, very nice for the snurf.