What up everyone! Kaya T here reporting from well… Montreal, but the story is about New Zealand this past summer! Soo.. I got to go to NZ again with Salomon for the third year now and it was SICK!! On the way there I missed two connections (out of 4 flights), lost my bag with all my clothes, and got diverted (TWICE!) to some random city in NZ for the night because we couldn't land in Queenstown for some reason. Point is.. it took me forever to get there.. Bummer! But, on with the good...

The first week I was there I was basically warming up. I finally got the clear from my surgeon to go do pretty much whatever I wanted on my skis so I wanted to get to that point but try to take it easy first couple of weeks. I ended up being invited to the NZ Open so I figured I’d compete and see what I could come up with. In the end, I got 3rd which is alright and I was stoked on my line so that's all that mattered to me!! I was back.

To tell you the truth, there really isn't that much to do in Wanaka It's a little town (to me) in the middle of nowhere across the World. In the prime season, August, if you walk through the town it’s guaranteed that you will see someone you recognize, if not dozens of people. It seems like everyone just goes down there and meets up, its nuts!

Skiing at SnowPark was super sick, you just go up the chair and watch Tanner, Simon, Sammy, Kelly Clark, Torah Bright, Colby, and so many more doing the jump line or pipe and you just get stoked!!! Everyone was KILLIN it, the vibe was so crazy.

Salomon Freeski TV wanted to do a NZ episode with me and Keri Herman so LG, this cool filmer guy, flew down to meet us for 5 days. It was suuuper fun. We did tons of cool stuff like checking out this place called Puzzleworld. It had all these cool optical illusions. We also got to go to Queenstown (city an hour away from Wanaka) and I had my first Fergberger ever. Well, that may not say much to you over in North America, but if you haven't had a Fergberger in NZ you're like the odd one out. They are sooo good!!

To make the episode interesting for you, we wanted to do something fun in Q-Town. We were gonna Jetboat but the weather was crap. Soo.. in the end, LG and Keri convinced me to do the bunji/canyon swing, even though I had told myself I would never do that kind of thing. Well, not surprisingly, it was the scariest &%#! I’ve ever done!!!!!!!! Damn.. is all I have to say.

Other than that, I just chilled a lot with Kim Lamarre who I was living with. Random stuff went down. One day I was sitting on the couch and I hear Kim goin 'oh noo, oh nooo!' so I go to the back and the whole place was flooded! HaHa. We cleaned all day, so we had our fare share of stuff to do such as soaking towels and wringing them, soaking and wringing. Good times heeeyy!

Well, I’ll leave the rest to our Salomon Freeski TV web episode. Check it out right now!