Simon Dumont. What more can be said? One of the best pipe skiers ever, Simon has a very impressive medal resume, he owns a world record and has arguably the best cork 3 in the game. Simon has had an amazing career in freeskiing, with 7 X Games medals in Superpipe, the Dudemont was a force to be reckoned with in the 2000s. Having recently retired from competition skiing, Simon has without a doubt left his mark on the world of freeskiing. Today I want to share my personal favorite Dumont edits

To start things off I want to post this video because it tells the story of Simon's career very well and it's not that long of a video (its also more up to date than Transitions).

2009 Joss edit (i realize we've already went over Joss but its too good not to post again)


*cue the violent hand gestures towards the camera*

And here's Simon linking up with stept last year to show that he still has it.

Lastly I'm going to leave you all with the movie Transitions. If you have never seen this need to. Not only does it tell the story of Simon's life and the world record quarter pipe hit, but it also gives you a fantastic history lesson on how freeskiing and Poor Boyz Productions got started.

I apologize for the long break with these, doing everything in my power to crank these out every week from now on.

As always thanks for clicking on this!